Several months ago, I was approached by the folks at the Geek I/O show to be a cast member for a limited run Ravnica D&D 5th Edition campaign on their Exploding Dice RPG podcast. I said yes! I get to share more about our cast and crew, some more details about Ravnica, and where you can find the episodes.

Image used with permission by Geek I/O, LLC.

The Cast and Crew

So I’m joined with the Geek I/O crew for our adventure takes place in Ravnica, a plane where it’s an entire city!

Katrjin, played by Monica, is a human Azorious Senate lawbringer. Think of an oath warden or bounty hunter for lawbreakers. Katrjin has been known to give many the cold shoulder, and her wit is as sharp as her blade.

Elora, played by Kerry, is a half-elf Izzet League inventor. Elora is as wild as the Tesla coils and boilers that the Izzet League manages, cunning and resourceful, she has been known to cause a few explosions.

Rickas, played by Raul, is an alleged Selnesya bard. Rickas is a unique member of the Selnesya Conclave, but like any large tree, it casts a long shadow. What lies underneath? Only time will tell.

Jec, played by Josh, is a male Simic-hybrid experiment from an earlier era of Ravnica’s history. Now released out of cold storage, this crustaceous anomaly has a lot of words to say, and none of them are pleasant.

Zervord, played by me (Death By Mage), is a goblin quartermaster from the Boros Legion. Zervord is a by-the-book goblin enforcer who absolutely detests paperwork.

Our Dungeon Master is the co-founder of Geek I/O, Cj, and he will lead the charge in this tale of mayhem and meme-filled banter.

Episode Listing

You can find all of the episodes under the Geek I/O Exploding Dice page here. Alternatively, you can also find them on the new Exploding Dice – Ravnica page on this website as well. New episodes premiere every Wednesday at 9 PM EST.

Our season premiere episode officially went live! Go check it out!

Please help us spread the word of the show, and I will be posting more frequently about the show’s activities.

What to learn more about Ravnica?

I previously spent some time covering some of the lore about the plane of Ravnica, and I presented some ideas for playing a Magic the Gathering setting in your next D&D 5e game. Take a look and let’s keep the discussion going with any of your trips to Ravnica or another Magic the Gathering inspired setting?

Additionally, you can check out these Plane Shift content presented by the Magic the Gathering team (which were precursors to Guidemaster’s Guide to Ravnica) on the DMs Guild. All of the material is free.

Additionally, if you can buy your copy of Guidemaster’s Guide to Ravnica and start your journey in the legendary plane.

See you around the Blind Eternities, Planeswalker…

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