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Lady of Dreams, Hope Weaver, Seer of Mysteries

Greater Deity
Symbol: a six pedal pink flower
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: dreams, mysticism, oracles, prophecies, hope
Worshippers: mystics, seers, those seeking hope, Sunsingers
Clerical Alignment: CG, NG, LG, N
Favored Weapon: Dreamweaver (longbow)

The last light from the White Lady formed into Lylea, who was originally small in frame and stature. During the Avatar Wars, she tended the wounded while Alderron and Lystrata shined their light in the battlefield. Lylea was a powerful mender; she became the brightest light in the darkest of hours. Many mortals praise the Lady of Dreams for their peaceful slumber, which empowered them to proper rests, a return of stamina and vitality to continue the fight. As a direct counterpart to Ebrus, Lylea works tirelessly to turn his nightmares into pleasant dreams. Ebrus sought to wither and diminish, Lylea instead empowered and strengthened. The two deities fight for the heart of mortals, unlike their brethren that bicker over the physical realms, the stakes for the Lady of Dreams and the Nightmare King may very well tip the balance to either side. Lylea is also the goddess of seers and mystics, unveiling truths but not all truths are true and not all illusions are false; a lesson she and her clergy recite often in their mantras.

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