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the Oak Twins, the Twinned Goddesses, the Fey Mothers

Greater Deity
Symbol: a tree with two different colored barks twisting into one trunk and branching upwards
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: the Feywild, wild nature, druids, the four seasons, duality
Clerical Alignment: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Favored Weapon: a curved tree branch (scythe)/rose vine (spiked chain)

All of the First Gods produced children to fill the world of Soladis and enrich it for better or worse. The White Lady and the Shadow produced their children, three gods a piece, while the remaining gods only produced one child. From the single seed bestowed by the Nexus, two children were born but of one divine spark. The two were inseparable, both were beautiful in their regard, one of golden hair and bronze skin and the other of silver and blue. Adair, the golden child formed the rich green trees and meadows, while Onna formed the frosts that would embellish all of their works. During the Avatar Wars, the two had split apart for the first time since their birth, the cost of the war would eventually unite the twinned goddesses. Their great works of nature laid in ruin from the fighting and both mutually stood against the two sides in protest to the senseless destruction.  The two became one being again, fighting against both sides of light and shadow, for the sake of the preservation of their creations. The Fey were forged as a need to maintain their creations and to govern them as well; the seasons were bestowed by each court in the hopes of fairness though these fey children came to resent each other in the end, just as their parents had done eons before.

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