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Master of Merchants, the Great Bargainer, Deal Maker

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: merchant scales with a feather (left) and gold brick (right)
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: currency, trade, merchants, wealth
Worshippers: merchants, the wealthy, traders, rogues, debtors, loaners
Clerical Alignment: Any
Favored Weapon: Merchant Scales (longsword)

Tohcien is the great entrepreneur and benefactor of all merechants, usually a tall, brazen man with a large mustache. Though he has been known to take other forms If it helps settle of bargain or deal. Tohcien occupies a palace of gold in the realm of Arcadia; he is a deity who likes to collect objects of great wealth. The greater the value given by an individual, the more worthwhile the item becomes to the Master of Merchants. His treasury is said to house many legendary and rare items from across the ages. Tohcien and Eclipse are business partners as the two deities understand that information and knowledge carries its own sense of value and worth, thus the two make many deals. Occasionally the Librarian has made acquisitions of lore from the Deal Maker, but sometimes vice versa.

Tochcien has acquired many wondrous items from Abu-Jagal, as the god of merchants pays the blacksmith god with rare materials or exquisite blueprints. To Tohcien, anything is up for a bargain, so long as the trade is fair to both parties; but most especially favorable to Tochcien. Tochcien does not take well to thieves and especially so to their patron, Nightshade. Their natures make the two deities natural adversaries, but the two gods have brokered deals in the past, especially when Tohcien sought the acquisition of his part of a deal. He has often beseeched the god of justice, Ixa, to judge recompense in broken deals or promises in regards to commerce.

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