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Lady of the Seas, Queen of Corsairs, Cerulean Princess

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: gold trident wrapped by a blue sash
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: sea life, sea winds, oceans, seas, waves, sea weather
Worshippers: sailors, sentient sea creatures, coastal dwellers, pirates
Clerical Alignment: CE, CN, CG, N
Favored Weapon: Sea Striker (trident)

Umila was once a mortal sailor, gifted with her mastery of the wild seas and her love of life on the sea. She had met and befriended the goddess Aadra during the wind goddess’ early adventuring years, the two became fair friends and promised one another to always respect the other in fair bouts. When Umila ascended into the cosmos, largely from her infamy as both a sailor and warden of the seas, the two former adventurers found themselves riding the currents of the astral sea together.

While their adventures have past, their new journey has bastions and wardens of Soladis left the two in mutual terms. The two deities never openly interfere in the other’s domain, while Aadra has sway of the winds and clouds, but never interferes changing the course of the currents in the seas. Umila is not overly greedy, but she can be rather possessive in regards to treasures lost within her domain; like Aadra, the Lady of the Seas can be fickle at times, but like in her past life, she simply rode the waves and encourages others to boldly venture through the sea. While her wrath can be somewhat unpleasant, the sea has bounties to be explored and admired, only those who live in the sea and by the sea know this to be true.

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