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Lady Luck, Lady of Felicity

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: gold coin with a shamrock
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: achievement, good fortune, skill, adventurers
Worshippers: rogues, gamblers, adventurers, Halflings
Clerical Alignments: CG, CN, NG
Favored Weapon: a coin (dart)

Welphina and Jinx were sisters who spread luck both good and bad; when Jinx fell she spread misfortune and terrible luck to all who crossed her path. Welphina took pity on the mortal races as well as we fellow deities, enlisting her into action against her anguished sibling. Welphina spread her good luck, skipping along the cosmos with a gleeful smile; Jinx has resented her sister and the two deities continue to spin the needle of luck. Whenever the two deities confront each other, it turns into a battle of slips, trips, and mishaps. Welphina has no direct foes other than Jinx; the goddess of luck often spends her company with gods of light and generally has bears no ill will to any other deity as many of the gods fear not simply the luck the goddess can bestow but rather the lack of luck she would bestow in a time of need.

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