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Lady of Invention, the Architect, the Lady of the Lantern

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: a clockwork gear with a lantern in the center
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: artifice, civilization, law-making, structure, construction
Worshippers: warlords, tyrants, rulers, bureaucrats, lawmakers, councilmen, leaders
Clerical Alignment: LE, LN, N, LG
Favored Weapon:  Wonder (warhammer)

Uras is the goddess of civilization, while Alderron is generally the symbol of kings; Uras is regarded as the embodiment of cities and kingdoms. While Abu-Jagal is regarded as the divine blacksmith, Uras is often revered as the mother in invention and architect. Uras took the great metals and elements of the universe, molding them into great wonders. The first great work she committed were the lanterns of the sky, the sun and the moon; while Alderron and Lystrata were their embodiments, the true orbs of light needed to be preserved and maintained.

During the Avatar Wars, Uras shaped the warmachines, mastering great technical prowess, along with instruments to combat the gods of shadow. After the war, Uras shifted her focus to the establishment of communities and towns, which eventually lead to cities and kingdoms strung together via roads and trails. While Uras enjoys the notion of the creation of laws, it is Ixa who governs the vigilance of laws. The two gods often work side by side due largely by their natures, though it is more of a mutual cooperation. Uras is also known to be the only god who can handle the Avenger’s passionate zeal. Between Alderron, Uras, and Ixa; the three represent the pillars of civilizations and kingdoms as the right of rule, the rule of rights, and the sword of rules.

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