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The Redeemer

The Blind Goddess, the Bleeding Crown, the Last Kindness

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: red and yellow sash wrapped around a pair of hands
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: endurance, forgiveness, mercy, suffering, martyrdom, perseverance
Worshippers: the lame, the oppressed, the poor, slaves, paladins, knights, monks
Clerical Alignment: LG, NG, CG
Favored Weapon: Mercy (longsword)

The Blind Goddess was once a mortal paladin, whose ideals of righteousness, justice, and duty shined like a great light; she was graceful and beautiful, both on and off the battlefield. A golden crown against white robes and a pristine blade at her side, if Alderron was the king of knights, she was a worthy queen of knights. In the early days of the Avatar Wars, the Redeemer had fought against Entropy on a multitude of occasions, dodging his dark flames of hate and pain. The Rebeller had long sought revenge against the sun god, in the midst of combat; the Redeemer was struck a deadly blow. Her face was covered crimson in her blood, the golden crown was crooked, and her robes were stained with the blood and dirt. Injured, the dark god’s rage and hate coerced him to commit great acts of pain and torture against the mortal paladin.

While imprisoned, she believed in the gods of light and that they would bring her salvation. At the end of her life, the sun god Alderron made his entrance and forced the Burning Hatred to depart from the dark pits. The lady paladin’s body was broken and but her heart and soul remained loyal to the cause. Alderron took pity on his servant and granted her ascendency into the cosmos. The pain and agony of her past was left behind as she took on the mantle of the Redeemer, bearing the lesson of perseverance against strife and pain, but most importantly to forgive those who bestowed pain and to forgive oneself.

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