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The Librarian

The Librarian, the Great Scholar, Lord of Tomes

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: a tome with a compass
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: knowledge, research, inventors, inspiration
Worshippers: bards, cartographers, inventors, loremasters, sages, scholars, scribes, wizards
Clerical Alignment: Any
Favored Weapon: Wayfinder (quarterstaff)

In the beginning, there were no names, only words; it was from this great traveler that he bestowed upon the great wonders of the world a name. The power of names, the importance of names, the meaning of names; the Librarian had catalogued each of these things. In the wake of creation, order had been brought to chaos; many of the deities in Soladis were given their names by the Librarian. The Librarian and a few other deities (excluding the First Gods) chose titles instead of names, some given by the Librarian and others self-proclaimed. But all names and all words are catalogued in the Infinite Library, a great enclave of all knowledge ever written or recorded by all across Soladis. The Great Scholar believes in modest restraint to new ideas, some ideas are powerful and beneficial to all and some may disrupt the very balance of Soladis to its core. The Librarian’s dominion of knowledge grants him this ability to monitor the spread of knowledge. The most precious of knowledge are kept in a greater tome, hidden within the vast shelves of the Infinite Library; only the Librarian knows of the tome’s ever-changing location.

Deities of light and shadow are welcome to go through the halls and book shelves, under the condition to never damage the tomes within or corrupt the information within. The Librarian naturally is against deities who seek to corrupt or lie about information; he has great disdain for Eclipse as he covets secrets, which keeps knowledge away from the Library. It is also rumored that Farl Chronos has a special tome locked within the Infinite Library that details certain important events to come to Soladis, details the Great Foreteller and the Lord of Tomes have long ago deemed too dangerous for any being, divine or mortal.

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