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Lady Goldmeadow, the Golden Maiden

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: a white sash wrapped around a yellow flower
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: beauty, love, passion, art, sensual fulfillment, spring
Worshippers: lovers, artists, adventurers, hedonists
Clerical Alignment: CG, NG, CN
Favored Weapon: silk sash (whip)

Syldel is revered as the fairest of all the gods as well as compassionate and whimsical. She often appears as a warm, golden haired woman of stunning grace. Many artists whom wish to capture still beauty often pray or are inspired by the Golden Maiden. Syldel adores beauty and hates things that are ugly or boorish, though she loves and protects her followers diligently. Her presence alone is said to brighten the feeling and bring warmth, which not so coincidentally she was bestowed the mantle of the spring season. She embodies youth and vitality, all the forms of loves, which has made many other clergies wonder if any or the entire pantheon had some form of relations with the Lady Goldmeadow. Due to her nature, it is hard for any god to be upset with the fair Syldel, leaving her no true enemies; however, she does detest a few of the gods of destruction and filth, for they ruin the images and objects of beauty.

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