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The Bloody Prince, Lord of Battles, the Crimson Lord

Greater Deity
Symbol: a red knight helmet with blood dripping
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: war, strategy, battle, warriors, tactics, skill-at arms
Worshippers: fighters, barbarians, rangers, strategists, tacticians, knights
Clerical Alignment: Any
Favored Weapon: any weapon

Randulfr fought during the Avatar Wars, having joined the ranks of both the gods of shadow and light; the toll of war was hard and mentally straining for even a god of strategy. Randulfr earned the title the Bloody Prince for his merciless display of combat, reminding all that battle and war are a means to an end. War has no conscience; its purpose is that of an obstacle or a solution to a great puzzle. The clergy of Randulfr teaches that war and battles consist of strategy, skill, and luck. Prayers to Randulfr for a successful battle or strategy do not sway the Crimson Lord, but his aid has been known to be immeasurable in any victory. While the god had seen his share of war and atrocities brought forth by the Avatar Wars; war and battles, according to Randulfr, brings forth one’s true potential. To that end, Randfulr holds war with great esteem but reminds his followers to respect the power of war, for it can brings both victory and defeat to those ignorant of war’s fury.

Clerics of Randulfr are masters of warfare and tactics; some romanticize war as beautiful while others discipline themselves for war’s possibility. Randulfr is often depicted as a being in knight’s armor drenched in blood or a human noble with burgundy-colored attire with gold accents; he can summon any weapon of any shape for whatever opponent he faces.

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