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Lord of Masks, the Many-Faced, King of Thieves

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: a black mask with a smile
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: thieves, intrigue, disguises, risks, thievery
Worshippers: thieves, scouts, con-artists, beggars, rogues, assassins, avengers
Clerical Alignment: CE, CN, CG, N
Favored Weapon: Dark Viper (longsword)

Upon his ascension, a legendary king of thieves took upon the mantle of King of Thieves; becoming Nightshade the Many-Faced. During the Avatar Wars, the great Lord of Masks was known for his great plays of deception and cunning, his knack for disguises were renown by the existing pantheon and by some who had the misfortune of being a victim of the god of thieves’ cunning. A master of schemes, the king of thieves was made famous for stealing a great artifact from Abu-Jagal, while the smith god was not entirely displeased by Nightshade’s daring, he was more displeased for the lack of usage of the smith god’s creation.

While many of the gods within the pantheon have long speculated, many believe Nightshade to be in the possession of one of the few god-slaying weapons ever forged by Old Ironhand. An insurance for the Lord of Masks against the other gods of shadow should their ambitions lead their eyes to the King of Thieves, though the thief god would never openly admit to such a feared possession, the lie serves him well. Besides having the distrust of many of the deities, the merchant god Tochien has great adversity against the King of Thieves both by their opposing natures and that larceny is bad obviously for businesses and merchants.

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