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The Raven Queen, the Phantom Queen, Goddess of Death

Greater Deity
Symbol: a black raven with wings open
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: death, tragic deaths, funerals
Worshippers: the dying, families of the dying, morticians, mourners
Clerical Alignment: LG, LE, LN, N
Favored Weapon: Deathbringer (longsword)

An early soul lost within the Shadowfell, in the beginning when souls were either tempted by the Shadow’s temptation for the past or the luminous future of rebirth, the balance was waning. In her mortal life, Morrigan was once a powerful mage, though the name Morrigan was simply a name chosen herself, as most of her past had long since been erased the cosmic records. Only the Shadow knows the goddess’ original name. While the King of Ghosts had grown content with the horde of phantoms and shades in his ranks, the need for new souls to be churned from life was necessary. Morrigan worked as a wonderful chosen and shepherd of the dead spirits, until a chosen of the White Lady showed the Raven Queen a greater purpose and truth.

The past and its memories were honored and remembered by the those left by the dead, the dead would be reborn to lead the next generation, with the wisdom they left behind in their previous lives. The chosen sacrificed her divine essence and existence in order to free the enslaved Morrigan. With her freedom given, the White Lady along with some of the gods of light granted the Phantom Queen a place amongst the cosmos. While the Shadow has never shown any bitterness in Morrigan’s departure, in some way, the two gods had found the entity they needed; one to shepherd the dead into the rivers of rebirth. The Goddess of Death does not judge any souls nor governs the dead; she brings the souls of the departed to the Shadowfell, to cleanse the spirits before they enter the River of Souls to be reborn under the light and grace of the White Lady.

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