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Storm Dragon, Lord of Calamity, the Spiteful Thunder

Greater Deity
Symbol: a purple dragon breathing lightning bolts
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: storms, earthquakes, natural disasters
Worshippers: druids, barbarians, those who fear the power of nature
Clerical Alignments: CE, CN, NE
Favored Weapon: a lightning bolt (shortspear, longspear)

Malchoir is a powerful god of storms, often depicted as a great dragon with purple or bluish scales; the storm dragon blasts bolts of lightning to his foes. The resulting thunder he bellows has been known to cause great earthquakes and tremors, while Malchoir is known to cause great destruction with his storms, he does not own the portfolio of true destruction as Entropy. Entropy seeks total destruction, both physically and spiritually, while Malchoir manages over the aspect of physical destruction of the world. The god has eyed the god of murder’s mantle since his ascension but knows better than to deal go into a full confrontation with the Burning Hatred. Malchoir instead seeks fealty and offerings due in part to his vanity and greed, either from fear or extortion generated by his clerics on those fearful of the storm dragon’s wrath.  In the meanwhile, Malchoir, along with Entropy and Jinx represent the trio of calamity. He naturally detests deities that control the winds or fair weather, as well as deities that represent civilization and construction. Malchoir had personally fought Uras during the Avatar Wars; her inventions brought a stop to the Storm Dragon’s rampage, leaving a small scar on his amethyst scales. He never forgave the goddess of inventions for the humiliation, swearing to destroy all the towers and cities inspired by her.

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