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The One Below, Lord of the Underdark, He Who Lurks

Lesser Deity
Symbol: a cave mouth
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: underground, caves, caverns, the Underdark, greed
Worshippers: miners, sentient creatures in the Underdark, barbarians, graverobbers
Clerical Alignment: LE, NE, CE, N
Favored Weapon: Spade (halberd)

Kragus embodies all the dark things that lurk in caves and caverns, often taking for the form of a large anthropomorphic bat, a beholder, or a ragged wild man. During the Avatar Wars, Kragus was often depicted with black mail armor covered in large gemstones while wielding a golden halberd. Kragus covets the secrets and riches of the earth, many dwarves pay homage to Kragus for safe mining endeavors and the possibility of riches. Kragus encourages mining and exploration of caves and caverns, taking whatever they find within the dark depths. Kragus was infamous in providing the rich molten ore for Abu-Jagal to craft his artifice and wonders. The two deities have been known to possess a powerful business partnership, Kragus provided the raw materials for Abu-Jagal, in return the smith god crated great works. Some of these works and wonders have been known to make their way back to Kragus and his domain.

Whether or not the Great Blacksmith had enchanted them to always have their final resting place be under the earth or within a cave, none are sure, but the reputation of lost treasures have lured many explorers and raiders into the One Below’s realm. The drow have made refuge in the safety cast by the Underdark, while many dark elves persist to worship Lolth and her darkness, Kragus has been known to have a small shrine placed within their cities as a reminder of He Who Lurks and the hospitality the god has given.

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