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The Avenger, the Fists of Justice, the White Knight

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: golden cross with a blue gem in the center
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: truth, wisdom, discipline, zeal, judgment, retribution
Worshippers: law-makers, judges, knights, debtors, law enforcement
Clerical Alignment: LN, LG
Favored Weapon:  gauntlet of justice (spiked gauntlet)

Ixa is considered the divine judge of the pantheon, more so to his strict adherence to law and order. Ixa does not condone evil, which leads him more to those on the side of good often times. Though the White Knight has made it clear in the past of his unbiased approach as the sole judge, jury, and if necessary executioner. Ixa is strict with even his own followers; those within the higher ranks of the clergy train their new disciples relentlessly, for true justice does not rest. Ixa does not only embody judgment and truth, but also discipline and zeal in the face of its dispersion. Ixa and Entropy often clash as the two gods are complete opposites of the other, one for order and the other dissension.

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