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Lord, King of Oozes, Lord of Filth

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: rotting tree with an eyeball in the middle
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: disease, poisons, filth, oozes, undeath, worms, insects, rodents
Worshippers: aboleths, oozes, wererats, intelligent rodents, those suffering from a disease, evil spellcasters, outcasts
Clerical Alignment: CE, NE, LE
Favored Weapon: acid (scythe) 

It is hypothesized that Gern was the first true primordial being to arise from the natural ooze of creation unlike the elves and dwarves which were forged from the light and the earth respectively. Most other races were crafted by the gods of Soladis, while Gern was the first being to truly emerge into the world on its own volition. Though the distinction of being the first being has often met with disdain, the lord of filth was discarded and rejected by many of the other races as him and his kind were shapeless and vile. Gern hid away during the Avatar Wars until Ebrus found the would-be god dreaming of great nightmares on the fair folk of Soladis. The God of Nightmares beseeched Gern to join their ranks and let the gods of light answer for their crimes of vanity. The Slime Lord seeks to destabilize all forms of beauty, he represents those that exiled by society and civilization, he also represents all forms of oozes and puddings. Insects and rodents became a natural inclusion with the lord of filth as he befriended many such vermin during his long exile from the realm.

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