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the Lady of the Four Winds, the Kind Breeze, the Gentle Fury

Lesser Deity
Symbol: a gust of wind with leaves
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: the winds, air, clouds, birds
Worshippers: sailors, rangers
Clerical Alignments: CE, CN, CG, N
Favored Weapon: Windrazor (greatsword)

Aadra was once a traveler who journeyed through Soladis both land and sea, at the end of the Avatar Wars the young traveler had made a great name for herself as a humble and yet ferocious friend to all she met. She would befriend Umila (who would later become the goddess of the seas), and the two became close friends. The two would continue to be allies even after their ascension, as they regularly oppose Malchoir, lord of storms. While neither would have the strength to oppose such primordial ambition, their combined strength keeps Malchoir’s storms in check.

Aadra embodies the winds of Soladis: the harsh and cold north, the strong and relentless east, the warm south, and the gentle warm west. As the mistress of the winds, the air and clouds naturally follow in tow, hailed by sailors for swift travel to their destinations. She also has great empathy to rangers of the land, her familiar was a great eagle during her mortal life and thus she loves all birds. While Aadra is depicted as a soft and kind adventurer, she was been known to have a powerful temper; she can switch the winds against sailors that displease her or mock her name towards the sky. Great windstorms and tornados are attributed to her disdain or contempt.

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