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the Dark Protégé, Prince of Shadows, Lord of the Night

Greater Deity
Symbol: seven black tentacles emerging from a black hole center
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: shadows, night, debts, darkness, temptations, tyranny, strife
Worshippers: assassins, thieves, tyrants, conquerors
Cleric Alignments: LE, LN, NE
Favored Weapon: Tempered Shadow (longsword)

One of the three children born of the Shadow, the largest masses of shadows formed into the Prince of Shadows; a cold and meticulous darkness that is considered the only true rival against the sun-god, Alderron. Unlike most gods of shadows, Eclipse understands the need of the light, for the existence of shades and darkness stems from the places where the light does not reach. For this reason, the Prince of Shadows has no true quarrel with the gods of light, other than the fact that they impede on his desires and plans. Eclipse has a rather simple desire to bring all things under the rule of darkness and shadow, through desires and struggles. A god who can give anyone whatever they truly desire, for a price. Eclipse is a deity that does not forget his debts. Eclipse is often depicted as a tall, regal male with smoke-ash skin and black hair and silvery eyes.

Eclipse is known for his great seductions and temptations, information and secrets are powerful, they bring bouts of strife and even misery, but most importantly, they bring leverage. While Eclipse can find a twisted means of appreciating Alderron and the other gods of light, his counterpart would have no hesitation annihilating the Dark Protégé. But whispers as to why the sun-god has not openly fought against the dark god point to an estranged relationship between Eclipse and the moon goddess, Lystrata, consort to Alderron. Known as the Total Eclipse Heresy, the great seducer managed to swoon the goddess of the moon, whether there the feelings were mutual, none can say. A suggestible theory as the goddess stayed her hand against the god of the night during the Avatar Wars.

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