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The Burning Hatred, the Darkest Flames, the Rebeller

Greater Deity
Symbol: silver chains in front of black flames
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: murder, rebellions, betrayals, destruction, conflagration, hatred, chaos
Worshippers: anarchists, barbarians, those seeking vengeance, pyromaniacs, madmen
Clerical Alignment: CE, CN, NE
Favored Weapon: Tendrils of Flame (spiked chain)

Entropy was not inherently spiteful and full of rage, originally the god was the lord of murder and sabotage. In the early years of the Avatar Wars, the god sought to kill Lystrata in the hopes of removing a source of light in the night sky. Eclipse gave Entropy false information, leading the god of murder to Alderron’s forces, a great battle ensued and while the god survived the ordeal, Entropy was severely burnt by the sun god. The flames of Alderron burn eternally, as a result the god of murder was forever lit aflame. Revenge against the two gods became the god of murder’s ambition of Entropy, full of unrelenting hate the god turned his bitterness into a weapon that neither gods foresaw. The Rebeller demands his worshippers the complete destabilization of civilization and kingdoms, seeking to burn and destroy all great works and structures.

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