Our friends at Cawood Publishing is back with a new Kickstarter for their Monsters series for D&D 5e – Monsters of the CIty is the third book of the series, featuring 100 new monster statblocks centered in an urban environment. Like any city, the forces of sin and virtue battle it out within the districts of the city. What will your players find in the different districts of the city? Find out more at Monsters of the City’s Kickstarter page.

If you have been a frequent reader of this blog, I have featured and reviewed several of Cawood Publishing’s products in the past. I’m a big fan of their work, and more monster statblocks are always a welcomed sight to any Dungeon Master’s table. If you want a sneak peek of what to expect for Monsters of the City, I highly recommend you check out the free 22-page sampler for the Docks District.

What makes this product different from other Monster books?

Unlike other monster books, the city is a living entity of its own, and the product hopes to capture the features and elements of the unique districts featured. These facets of the districts can easily be implemented in your games or campaigns very quickly. Each district features a random encounters table, details of the themes and atmosphere you wish to cultivate while the characters explore these areas. Ideas and hints for the security level, buildings, the types of stores you will likely find, the stat of the inns and taverns, and services around the district. You can also expect to find GM advice, event tables, locations, and listings of the monsters featured in their respective districts.

Each district contains two legendary monsters that represent one of the seven deadly sins and one of seven divine virtues. From the 22-page sampler, we are introduced to Lust and Chasity, influencing the Docks District. Both are imposing CR 23 creatures with their own agendas and beliefs, corralling the denizens of the district to their cause. Who will prevail? That will depend on how your party proceeds. Who they help, and what they hope to gain with the soul of the city on the line.

After speaking with Andrew, Monsters of the City is both a monster supplement and a setting supplement, giving more details to run those urban campaigns!

Stunning artwork from Travis Hanson returns!

Travis Hanson returns to illustrate more of Monster series, and as an Eisner-nominated illustrator, his skills and craft once again grace these luscious pages. I was instantly blown away by the full cover artwork for Lust and Chasity, but the Codfather is a personal favorite already out of the sampler PDF. I can’t wait to see more!

Additionally, Gordon Mclapin, a Filipino-American writer, book designer, illustrator, and animator, has taken the helm for graphic design and layout. Absolutely crisp and clean layouts, easy-to-read-text, and stat blocks. Absolutely phenomenal!

Final Impressions

I’ve supported all of the Cawood Publishing Kickstarters, and each time, the quality of their craft continues to improve and impress. This may be their best product yet! I’m really looking forward to adding this collection to my bookshelf in my next urban sprawl.

Presently, the book is to be released as softcover, with the hardcover as a stretch goal. Let’s get this gorgeous book printed and into a hardcover! Support Monsters of the City today!

You can also find Andrew Cawood and Cawood Publishing through their social media links:

At the time of this article, the campaign has reached 60% funded!

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