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The Pantheon

The Pantheon of Soladis consists of three distinct tiers: the First Ones, the Nine Gods, and the Ascended Gods.

The First Ones

(the) Nexus, god of magic and enlightenment
The Watcher, god of protection and balance
The Musician, goddess of inspiration and songs
The Shadow, god of ghosts and forgotten memories
The White Lady, goddess of rebirth and new life

The Nine Gods (First Children)

Alderron, god the sun and knights
Eclipse, god of the night and tyranny
Ebrus, god of nightmares and decay
Entropy, god of murder and hate
Lylea, goddess of dreams and hope
Lystrata, goddess of the moon
Oonadaires, goddess of nature
Farl Chronos, god of time and fate
The Wanderer, god of travel and growth

The Ascended Ones (the Ones Who Came After)

Aadra, goddess of the wind
Abu-Jagal, god of blacksmithing
Delenne, goddess of agriculture
Fang, god of hunters
Gern, god of vermin and poisons
Ixa, god of justice
Jinx, goddess of misfortune
Kragus, god of the Underdark
Lysril, goddess of peace and tranquility
Malchoir, god of storms and calamity
Morrigan, goddess of the death
Numea, goddess of illusions
Nightshade, god of thieves
Randulfr, god of war and tactics
Syldel, goddess of love and beauty
The Lady of Frost, goddess of ice and winter
The Librarian, god of knowledge
The Redeemer, goddess of mercy
Tochien, god of merchants
Umila, goddess of the seas
Uras, goddess of civilization
Welphina, goddess of good luck

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