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Soladis: a Land of Magic

In the Beginning…

The universe was a void deprived of life or thought, by the graces of the first five gods (the First Ones), the world was born. They weaved the ether and spoke the first words of creation, they parted the light and darkness, order and chaos, and lies from truths. In the wake of their creation, those who would inherit this world were born; the First Children (or Nine Gods).


The Nine Gods soon began to bicker amongst themselves, would-be kings and demigods would join in rank with their patrons and all-out war erupted on the plane. Forever remembered in history as the Avatar Wars, great heroes were etched in legend, and their deeds would shape the future ahead. Some eventually took upon the mantle of deities themselves and ascended into the stars, marking the end of the first age.

floating cities

For nearly a thousand years, the world of Soladis prospered. Great kingdoms and empires rose and sequentially fell, miracles both great and terrible enveloped the lands, with only the dream of a better future left in the hearts of the races of Soladis. It would take an even greater calamity to unite the races of Soladis, in a battle for their very existence by foes that only sought to end it.


The war was long and many sacrifices were made to save the realm, great tragedies were committed in the name of the future. The world was left scarred and broken at war’s end, many hoped to forget those distant nightmares, ending the second age of Soladis.

Another age closed, another begins anew. New heroes await to stake their claim in the tomes of history, some evils never stay dormant, only new hope can quell the encroaching menace ahead. Their fates are their own guided by faith, chance, or perhaps even fate in the land of magic.

Lands & Nations of Soladis

The Empire of Azuroth (Azurian Empire)

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