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The Lands of Magic

The world of Soladis has been broken and shattered across many ages, but for the majority of the world’s history, there have always been five major continents.

The continent of Alramos is a land filled with lush forests, placid lakes, warm plains, and tall mountains. The largest of the five continents, a home to various kingdoms and race; there are over a dozen races that vie for peace and harmony.

South of the Alramos, lays the barren and frozen continent of Kurtek. A land for the most part shrouded in mystery, some even wonder if there are any inhabitants, but they are there, just unseen beneath the winter white.

The continent of Zon lies in the east, a desert land with jagged mountain ranges and literal seas of sand and dust. It is a harsh land filled with savages and unknown magicks. Long forgotten treasures from the first age are rumored to be beneath the desert sands, forgotten relics from the Avatar Wars have appeared in these lands before. For the legends speak that the land of Zon was the original and first battleground for the early gods.

Helios is an island chain floating in the skies scattered along the world, stretching from middle of Alramos, through the ocean, over the Fulrian Archipelago, and into the deserts of Zon. Some of the small floating mountains are seen over some of the grasslands. The region is rumored to be the last place the gods stepped before ascending into the heavens. Many of the mountains house small jungles and forests, creatures grown and evolved in complete isolation to the rest of the world. In ages past, some of these mountains were reworked to house great fortresses; when the magic failed some of the floating mountains fell upon the earth below, now they are capsules of mystery and adventure.

The Burianos Archapelago is an ocean island chains that are spread between the three continents of Alramos, Zon, and Kurtek. Many of the islands are inhabited either by natives or colonists; much of it is unexplored and holds unknown riches and magicks.

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