Team BAJA is an adventuring team set in the world of Soladis: a Land of Magic. It is a realm that has endured many terrible wars and has seen the rise and fall of gods and nations. The name BAJA is in honor of the first four characters that started this adventure, and its a name that continues to remain in honor of those first early moments.

The Cast and Crew

boab157_skinshifterJimmy Galanodel: a half-elven druid of Lystrata (goddess of the moon), who left his parents to be raised by the wilderness, a free spirit who defends the forest he calls home. Jimmy G is played by Nick. 


Arcaelus Blackfire: a human wizard of the Purple Order from the city of Illinathar, he helps those who helps him and protects his city, though he has a habit of getting to trouble. Arcaelus is played by Tom. 


Breadon Turnuroth (MIA)/Rainer: Breadon is a blue dragonborn Fey-pact warlock, who is the last member of his clan and was raised by Mab (faerie queen of winter) in the ways of riddles and double speech, seeks arcane power for revenge against the winter queen. Rainer is a halfling rogue from the city of Lastil-Taswell, he saved the party from a gang of assassins but his loyalties remain uncertain. Both Breadon and Rainer are played by Damian. 


Aydan Eleánore Althaus: a tiefling sorceress with a paternal copper dragon bloodline, she is a perfectionist within a jeweler’s guild, and seeks to be the best and make her deceased parents proud. Aydan is played by Allison.


“Brightiron”: a goliath barbarian, is an unknown giant from the frozen north, not much is known of his past or why he is here, but reluctantly joins the party when told of a purported destiny and money. Brightiron is played by Ian. 


The Dungeon Master (DM): what’s a cast of characters and their players without their lovable DM? While my players may be playing a world I crafted across the years, this is their story within a uncharted realm. I love what I do, and I love watching my players have fun.