DMsGuild Products

DriveThruRPG Products

  • Sun Wukong – Monkey King NPC stats with lore
  • Santa Claus – 2015 Bard rendition of the hero of Christmas
  • The Lurking Fear – A Cthulhu solo-adventure inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s The Lurking Fear

Other RPGs

  • Dread – Are You Afraid of Dread?
  • Dread – Song of the Ancients – A Lovecraft/Cthulhu hack for Dread with a new madness mechanic
  • Five Virtues – A one-page RPG where players are monks seeking enlightenment & must do so before the Greater Evil achieves it
  • Lost Colony – An entry for the 200WordRPG contest. Inspired by Dread & Star-Crossed, players are colonists on a space colony with a fragile ecosystem and must survive until help arrives
  • Broomsticks & Wands (In Development) – An RPG inspired by worlds such as Harry Potter & Little Witch Academia. Players are wizards and witches in a magic school where trouble lurks and friendship matters.
  • A Crusade of Thorns – A collaboration with Welcome to the Party RPG & Soulbear RPG on Twitch to tell three Vampire (V5) chronicles set in Los Angeles in 1943. The content is part of the hard work of the storytellers & editors.