Greetings fellow adventurers!

Season 1 for the Adventures of Team BAJA is about to be finished, we are expecting a projected time around the end of October or the first week in November. Keep in mind, our adventures started back in early November back in 2014. We have since then been playing almost two times a month, which means there is quite a bit of content. Unlike other D&D basic fan sites or websites showcasing live D&D gameplays, due to our lack of equipment and time (as our personal and professional lives have us preoccupied) I felt it was better to still share our adventures even if they were in prose. Hence the birth of this blog.

I will be doing other things on this blog besides posting our D&D adventures, I have material to share for the campaign setting we’re playing but also I want to be another stream of inspiration for other dungeon masters or even other players. I want everyone to enjoy this game as much as me, which coincidently my friends love the game very much now.

I will be posting the adventure recaps every Wednesday, barring any delays starting the 26th of September. I plan to do more regular blogs alongside those segments, most likely every Thursday following an adventure post.

Now you may be asking, “why are you guys stopping your first season by November?” Well, the players and I have family and professional obligations during the holiday period, so no D&D adventures for us. We probably will start the adventures in mid-January or early February depending on schedules. Once we figure the logistics for that, we shall reevaluate the blog schedule hopefully we start playing Season 2.

Thanks for joining along our journey, please make sure to like our facebook fan page and follow us on twitter.