Last time, our heroes were tasked by the dwarf, Brimstone, to find out the true meaning of the bandit raids and find out the status of the nearby monastery. Once they assessed the situation, the team find the cottage home of the artificer Elias empty but not before the autonomous door-knocker bestowed some items of import. Now the party creeps closer to the mountain basin, with what seems to be the Cult of the Dragon’s camp. Let’s see what happens in this installment! (Episode 2 Part 1 here).

In order to better understand their surroundings, Breadon and Aydan scout ahead atop one of the cliff face of the basin, silencing the sentries in their watch towers in their advance. It was already night as they crept along the edge, revealing at least three dozen cultists and kobolds. Many of them resting or standing watch, but overall they were not expecting trouble. After locating the hostages, the party planned a daring rescue effort.

         The half-elf druid, Jimmy, conjures a fog cloud near the entrance to the basin, raising suspicions by the cultists as the cult leaders gave order to search the fog and keep their eyes on the hostages. The blue half-dragon from before, whom the party learned to be named Cyanwrath, advances with an entourage of cultists and kobolds into the fog cloud. Once in the fog, the druid launches another spell, this time of entangling vines emerging from the rocky ground. The contingent of cultists and kobolds are encased in these vines, struggling to escape. 

            Taking the druid’s cue, Breadon and Aydan try to untie and lift the hostages up the cliff-face. Aydan notices the cube reacting to its proximity of its master, intuitively tosses the cube to an old-looking half-elf. The half-elf catches the cube as it lands in his hands, the cogs begin to shift and the faces begin to open, revealing a blue energy. The metal cube begins to envelop the half-elf’s hands and then the arms, soon through his whole body until a helmet forms around his face. At its center, a blue light glows and its eyes glows in symmetry. Elias fires two bolts of energy at the cultists, sending them flying to the impacts. The blue half-dragon quickly notices the encroaching threat behind him and charges to meet the armored warrior. The two become locked in heated combat as the rest of the team dispatches the cultists. 

           Jimmy assumes the form of a dire wolf and begins tearing through the infantry with Arcaelus on his back. Mage and wolf charge through the fog cloud, emerging with teeth and spell. The hostages are safely led away by Aydan and Breadon as they toss an occasional spell into the fray, hoping to aid the armored Elias. The two figures danced in a mix of energy blasts and blade, neither side gaining any traction. A black half-dragon emerges out of the connected cave nearby with a contingent of cultists, the tide was no longer on the team’s side. At least so they thought, prior to venturing up here, the team sent Arcaelus’ dog and one of the survivors from the monastery back to Greenest to alert commander Brimstone. By the time the cult’s reinforcements arrived, so did the small military unit stationed in Greenest, led by the dwarf. A final clash of sword and spell echoes through the mountains, before long the two half-dragons and the cultists retreat through the cave. The militia give chase and pursue their quarry. Brimstone and Elias thank the party for their efforts, but warn that the fight was not over.

Another half-dragon? Who are the Cult of the Dragon? What is their plot? Find out next time! 

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