Last time on the Adventures of Team BAJA! Our heroes chased after the Cult of the Dragon to their hideaway at the base on the mountains near the town of Greenest. After freeing the hostages, the local militia came to rid the region of the cultists. But trouble was brewing in the caves below, a dark ritual was halted by the team. Subsequently, a powerful spirit was set free and caused a ruckus. The party manage to quell the spirit, but chants could hear deeper from the caves. What lies in store for the party? Find out! 

           After calming the angry spirit of intellect, the team quickly made haste to stop the Wyrmspeaker from completing the foul ritual. They passed through another tunnel, emerging into a large cavern. Waiting at its center, the blue half-dragon Cyanwraith stood before the party, congratulating them on surviving the many trials thus far. The half-dragon spots Jimmy and issues a duel with the druid once more; though no surprise, there were other cultists lying in wait in the rocky pillars nearby.

             From duel to melee, the team charged into the battle with spell and claw in tow. Arcaelus smashed the elemental gemstone, releasing a large air elemental; Jimmy took on the form of the dire wolf; and Aydan and Breadon dispatched the remaining cultists. The elemental raged through the cultists, impaling one and maiming the other. Jimmy and Cyanwraith returned to their duel, trading blows with greatsword and teeth. Eventually, it was only Cyanwraith left to fend against the party. It was beginning to look bleak for the blue half-dragon, until the party noticed something, the chanting had stopped. From the opposite tunnel emerged Remaiz, adorned with an intricate mask, he had done it, he had awakened the black dragon mask of Tiamat. With a powerful wave of his hand, the summoned air elemental was dispersed. Remaiz instructed Cyanwraith to finish the duel and left for the tunnel once again. With renewed vigor, the blue half-dragon descended on the party, assaulting them with lightning and blade. It looked bleak for a moment, as Arcaelus spoke words of power to conjure flames from his hands; they erupted from his fingers with great intensity as if a spark of power had awakened deep within. The half-dragon’s corpse lay burnt on the cavern floor, they had survived another ordeal, with only one more member of the cult to concern themselves.

           The party spied the Wyrmspeaker on the other side of a long land bridge, streaks of moonlight pierced through the roof. Unsure of the new powers of the black half-dragon, the party decided that a more subtle approach may be the best option. Still bloody from their skirmish with Cyanwraith, Aydan and Breadon decide to pose as betrayers to the group, with Arcaelus being a humble offering to the cult, leaving Jimmy to stalk the shadows unseen.

         The black half-dragon did not sense any deception from the tiefling and dragonborn’s offering and pledge of allegiances until it was too late to notice the druid in the form of a large mountain lion. With absolute coordination, the Wyrmspeaker became pinned to the ground, with his two bodyguards dispatched by the rest of the party. The group quickly went for the strange mask, noting it of its obvious magical potency. The half-dragon screamed as the masked was pried off its maw, he turned to ash and dust. Breadon held the mask, sensing its dark powers and its desire for a new host until it became encased in ice. A likely blessing from Mab, he believed.

            The team emerged from the caves victorious, greeted by the soldiers and the dwarf commander with cheers and praise. The group had sustained some injuries and sought some proper rest, returning to that half-broken tavern. After most of their wounds were healed, Jimmy and Arcaelus took turns learning more about the Seven-Star prophecy from the spirit of intellect, who eventually was named Bob from Arcaelus. Jimmy went to a local druid circle and frolicked under the moonlight, not to be seen for a few days.  Meanwhile, Aydan, after recovering from her wounds and rest, stayed with Elias mostly to learn the finer aspects of artifice and gemology. Eventually Arcaelus made a visit to the cottage in the hopes of giving Bob a new place for its spirit to reside. While working on the new vessel, Breadon stopped by to entreat with Bob on some information. The two walked out of the cottage and took a casual stroll, until the wind became icy cold and the sky turned grey and black. They had found themselves in the Fens of Winter once again, Bob told the dragonborn he was on his own in regards of dealings with the faerie queen. As Breadon found his way to the court area, he found Mab waiting for him. She desired the mask that Breadon had recently acquired. Believing that the mask would be more useful to him in his quest for revenge, he denied Mab the mask. The faerie queen was deeply disappointed with him, whisking him back into the mortal coil with an eerie reminder: “you shall always be mine.”

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