The city was in disarray, the distant sounds of fires and cries echoed across the city of Illinathar. While the initial threat was tamed, the mystery of the gem had only begun. A group of city guards find the party amidst the debris, they are brought back into the central towers for questioning. Captain Murphy arrives to question Arcaelus and the remainder of the team on the situation and the circumstances that lead to the chaos in the city. Cho-Mak, the divination archmage for the Purple Order arrives, stating that the entire affair had become an Order related issue. The archmage stated to the group that he had a vision of their arrival and had been on business elsewhere when the events unfold, afterwards the mage led the team to the jail facility within the tower to acquire the last remaining member of the team.

The party arrive to the jail cells and find a large goliath amongst the rabble, the smell suggested he had been imprisoned for at least a few days. The goliath named himself Brightiron, who had travelled from the Far North where ice and snow were all most inhabitants knew of the region. The goliath claimed himself a valued warrior and bodyguard, Cho-Mak promised the warrior he would be well compensated for his endeavor and services rendered.

The archmage takes the party back to the Tower of the Purple Order, reaching the secluded council room held by the archmages of the order. Alone the party learns from Cho-Mak that the gem they found was in fact one of the fabled Gems of Azurith; legendary gems said to possess great godly powers that when together possessed the ability to rival the very gods themselves. The archmage also reveals to the party that he had a vision of their gathering and that they are considered essential to stopping the gathering of the gems.

As the group deliberated amongst themselves, a sudden breeze blew past Aydan and the shimmer of a magical veil resulted in a frantic attempt by the party to reclaim the stolen gem that was snatched from Aydan’s satchel. From Rainer and Brightiron failing to grab the assailant, Arcaelus sending a gust of wind at the assailant and rode on through the nearby window, ending with Jimmy missing to snatch the falling assailant with a thorn whip. The gem was lost. The party scrambled to follow the trail of the assailant using loose fabric left at the scene. After a couple of hours, the party finds themselves in one of the older docks on the western part of the city. The trail continued into an abandoned warehouse on the hillside, most of the party made their way warehouse except for Arcaelus, who arrived via an incomplete teleportation ritual, crashing through the roof of the warehouse.

The team inspects the warehouse until they find a sealed door which lead to a hollowed chamber below the warehouse foundations. Brightiron and Acaelus discover a false floor upon closer inspection of the room hidden behind the sealed door. The party descended into the depths below, where they discovered an abandoned storage facility and the hopes that they find their elusive thief.