Last time on the Adventures of Team BAJA! The party arrived to the town of Rivergreen, there was a great dispute and unrest in the town. The ports were closed and the elves in the neighboring Durmisa woods were equally as restless. Missing children and dark secrets were abound. A nefarious enemy called the Dollmaker strikes at the party for their interference, a final confrontation resulted in an eldritch explosion deep within the woods. The Dollmaker escaped but the danger had passed, the elves and the townsfolk have now reconciled their differences. The party seeks to begin the next leg of their adventure, but danger approaches from the shadows. Find out what happens! 

After their confrontation with the Dollmaker, Team BAJA decided to take this opportunity to take a few days of rest before their ship was scheduled to set sail from the town of Rivergreen. Rainer took a few odd jobs around town with some of the local fences, Brightiron decided to spend his time at the docks as a beast of burden, Jimmy spent his time near the woods and the abandoned church to commune with nature. Arcaelus and Aydan spent their time tinkering with their arcane armaments and studied more about the mysterious Animus gem. Thia returned to the Durmista woods as an emissary for the elves and the townsfolk, it took several days but old pacts were renewed and cooperation between the two neighbors were more or less restored after a several days.

The townsfolk and the elves held a festival to honor the renewed peace, stalls and booths were arranged along the two sides of the main road that led out of the town from the town circle. The goliath and druid found a tankard of ale to which they more or less laid claim upon it. Arcaelus partook in some of the ale, food, and festivities as well, though he kept to himself while in the crowded streets. Aydan, Rainer, and Thia strolled through the party, they participated in a few games and indulged in the ale and food as well.

Unbeknownst to the team, a cloaked figure made its away up one of the municipal buildings that overlooked both sides of the main road. The lantern lights were strung in a way that it made it difficult to see the rooftops. A large white bow with gold trim was strapped against the dark gray cloak. The figure unveiled the hood of the cloak to reveal a female wood-elf, on her forehead was an intricate set of googles and visors. She pulled the contraption over her head, it sprung to life and began to self adjust with the elf’s vision. The elf retrieved an arrow with runes etched on its shaft from her quiver, she drew her bow and arrow and took aim at her target: the halfing rogue, Rainer.

Mysterious cloaked assailant, Image: justduet
Mysterious cloaked assailant, Image: justduet

The first arrow struck the halfling square into his shoulder, arcane energy ignites from the bolt into a thunderous blast. A few civilians are knocked unconscious and pushed away from the blast zone, but the halfling suffered a severe blow.

“They’re after me!” The halfling exclaimed to Aydan and Thia.

The festivities turned into mass panic as the crowd tried to flee from the main road, the cloaked assailant continued to fire volley after volley of arcane infused arrows at the halfling. Thia and Rainer recognized the mysterious elf archer as the mercenary “Zee”. A noted bounty hunter, archer, and sellsword. Her signature white bow and her trademark ability to weave arcane spells through her arrows were ill omens. Rainer managed to dodge a few of the arrows but their latent arcane energies still released a small shockwave from each strike, which began to chip away at the halfling’s stamina.

Jimmy shapechanged into a large spider and tried to traverse through the dark alleyways to surprise the mercenary but the tight corners forced the transformed half-elf to take a slower approach. Brightiron charged at the municipal building soaked in high-proof ale, which he ignited with his recently acquired ability to produce a small ball of flame. The barbarian became an inflamed figure of rage and fury, he struck the building and tried to set it ablaze. Arcaelus lead the crowd to safety before he entered into the fray with his comrades with a fireball at the municipal building. Thia took Jimmy’s plan and pulled her newly gifted cloak and faded into the shadows to also gain a vantage point on the mercenary.

Their attempts were futile as Zee simply teleported to a nearby rooftop and continued her assault on Rainer. Brighiron tried to scale the burning building, Arcaelus and Thia shot spell and boomerang at Zee but their aim was wide and missed their target. The elf mercenary responded with a few arrows aimed at the team instead, which caused some damage to nearby buildings instead. A third arrow found its target and the halfling fell unconscious from his wounds, Aydan rushed over to the unconscious rogue and used a magical scroll to pass through the wall of a nearby building in the hopes to stabilize Rainer. Unfortunately, the elf mercenary managed to teleport inside the building with them, a quick spell ensnared Aydan in magical vines, Zee picked up the unconscious halfling and teleported away.

From the aftermath, the party gathered themselves together and tried to assess the situation. Aracelus and Aydan tried to use some of the blood from the halfling to create a sensor to locate the halfling, unfortunately the effect was weak and inconsistent. Brightiron suggested that if the elf were to take Rainer anywhere, it would have to be on a ship that was ready to leave port. The party rush off into the night towards the docks, all except for Thia who wanted to tend to the townsfolk. The elf promised to catch up the party and to go on ahead, Jimmy changed form again into a large wolf with Arcaelus on the druid’s back, Aydan sat on Brightiron’s shoulder as the barbarian sprinted through the dark streets.

Oh boy! What fate befalls the halfling Rainer? Will Team BAJA find their missing halfling in time? Find out next time on the Adventures of Team BAJA! Thank you so much for following along on our adventures, we hope that you enjoyed the ride as much as we had. At this point, we had new players who had some spare time and interest in the game, to which I offered them smaller roles to play, namely Thia and Zee. I’ll add them to the character roster in the future. If you have any comments or questions, please post them down below. If you want to chat with me or follow along for any updates or D&D related news, follow us our Facebook group and Twitter. If you like what we do, we have a donation button set up, any bit will help us in our future endeavors. Thanks again and stay tune!