We left the story when things were just about to get good, let’s jump into it quick. Last time on the Adventures of Team BAJA, the halfling rogue Rainer found himself in a cell on the lower decks of a ship with this mysterious Timeaus Randor and his proxy, the blond-haired purple eyed woman, Cecil. The team give chase to the sailing ship off the docks in Rivergreen, from octopus to sprints along the river bank, Team BAJA emerge on the ship poised to battle. The crew are set to defend their ship, some with weapons drawn.  Find out what happens next! 

The party emerge onto the main deck of the ship, a few of the crew managed to draw their weapons. Tensions mounted as the team demanded that the crew release their captured companion. Arcaelus managed to levitate himself up to the crow’s nest and tossed balls of fire down on the deck below. Aydan and Brightiron assaulted the crew at the wheel, the captain proved to be a valiant and competent warrior. Jimmy was still in his octopus form and ensnared some of the ship’s crew and subsequently tossed them overboard.


cloaked figure
Shrouded form of Timeaus Randor

The shrouded form of Timeaus Randor paced along the edge of the cell on the lower decks of the ship, his proxy Cecil remained vigil and observant of Rainer.

“You leave me a difficult position, Rainer. We agreed that with each completed task, more information would be divulged to you. I have been more than generous in our deals, but these latest incomplete tasks have left me to question your integrity,” Timeaus’ voice poured like thick venom against the iron bars of the cell.

“Maybe if you were forthcoming and gave me some useful information, than perhaps I would trust you more in the future. Why were you after the gem anyways?” The halfling walked towards the iron bars but kept his relative distance from the shrouded figure.

“There are far darker and sinister things that wait in the shadows, the latest of circumstances have accelerated my preparations. I merely wish to be ahead of the curve, so they say,” Timeaus remained casual with the halfling, “but these incomplete tasks present a much more dire problem than you realize.”

From his robe sleeve, Timeaus conjured a scroll that the rogue instantly recognized, the dark figure unrolled it. The title simply read: “Contract” on it, with Timeasus and Rainer’s names etched at the top in gold letters.

“You remember this contract, yes? Well, the both of us are bound by it and its terms. I have been more than fair with our agreement, should either of us violate the terms, there are dire consequences.” Timeaus simply held the exposed contract before Rainer, the rogue recalled of the intricate contract and its legal terms. Though the halfling knew that it was indeed for the most part fair to both parties, with only a hint of benefit to the contract owner in regards to the degree of satisfaction in regards to any tasks’ completion.

“So you’re bound by this, just as much as I?” Rainer muttered to himself. He pondered his position and his following words carefully. “I assume you still have need for me, otherwise you would not have let me live.”

“There are worse things than death, and you know this contract would prevent you from fleeing its terms should you expire before its completion. Just so there is no ill will between us, I shall give you more information in regards to what you seek.” The air became heavy, the halfling remained silent and focused solely on the hooded Timeaus. “The Spider has been rather active lately within the Nest of Shadows, my sources seem to suggest that he had a hand to what happened…to your family.”

The halfling took the information that was given, he remained silent with his head down. When he looked back up to his hooded employer, his face bestowed new conviction, to which Timeaus acknowledged and motioned to Cecil to release him.

“Another thing,” the halfling interjected, “the other reason I still do not trust you, I don’t like it when the man I’m working for still continues to hide himself.” Upon careful inspection, the shrouded figure of Timeaus Randor flickered against the moonlight that managed to piece through one of the portholes. A well crafted image undoubtedly of arcane origin, the halfling eyed the blond-haired Cecil. She remained calm and collected in front the rogue despite his claim.

“A man of my position prefers the veil of protection, not to mention I have business elsewhere that does not allow for me to be present there with you. I have given my fair share toward our contract, I ask that you fulfill your end. I believe Cecil will give the rest of the specifics to your task at hand. I simply wish for the item to be retrieved into my possession, that is all. I look forward to the next time, Rainer.” The image of Timeaus Randor faded into nothingness, the air felt light again and the room seemed brighter as well.

Cecil unlocked the cell door and went to undo the halfling’s bindings, “I believe you recall me mention to you previously that Master Randor had developed interest in an item located on the island of Nim Rock. The item of interest, is the rumored Rod of Nim. There is little information on what sort of artifact or item the rod may be, or if it’s a rod at all. I have been tasked to accompany you in this endeavor both as an asset and your overseer.” The woman remained indifferent and rather monotone in her delivery, Rainer gave an annoyed look to her which was quickly turned to surprise to the sound of a small arcane explosion above them. The two of them look at each other and quickly made their way up the stairwell as Cecil handed the rogue his belt with all his weapons and gear.


Cecil and Rainer emerged from the central door on the main deck of the ship and find both the members of Team BAJA and the ship crew immersed in combat.

“What is going on up here?” Cecil shouted, both sides immediately ceased all activity and blankly stared at the pair. Rainer quickly went to quell his clearly rattled comrades to cease-fire, Aydan was rather annoyed and displeased with the sudden turn of events. Arcaelus, Jimmy, and Brightiron remained vigil in case everything went south. The rogue informed the group of the situation and the current task appointed by his employer. The tiefling sorceress was even more peeved and annoyed but less with the rogue and more so with their newfound observer.

A word from Cecil to the captain, the sound of gears and a loud hum began to erupt from the ship. Small sail fins emerged from the side of the ship, the crew began to batten down any loose materials as the deck began to tilt upward towards the night sky. The seemingly normal looking merchant ship now had what looked like wings and iron coils along the lower portions of the ship. Team BAJA was in the air and onward towards the mysterious island of Nim Rock.

flying ship
Team BAJA takes flight!

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