You traverse through the dusty corridors, shelves nearly a dozen feet high littered with tomes created an intricate labyrinth. The Central Vault of Academia in the city of Delvestra possesses the oldest collection of tomes and scrolls collected across the land of magic. Thousands of tomes and scrolls that detailed events and arcane formulas from the Second Age. There are rumors that magical artifacts were also housed deep within the Central Vault, but were guarded by powerful wards and effigies crafted by ancient mages long dead now. Pass the tower of half-opened books, loose scrolls, and lit candles, a purple robed figure had become transfixed in the tome before him. His raven-black hair had a long silver streak down along his left temple, his frame was rather meek and he seemed malnourished. His face was no more than hair away from the pages of the tome that had his attention, until curiosity forced the figure to look upward where he noticed you at last. He cracked a grin and beckoned you closer. Upon closer inspection, he sat atop a venerable mountain of books, a chaotic display of research and knowledge at the figure’s command and consume. 

“Greetings traveler and welcome to Soladis, a Land of Magic.

Six months ago, my scribes began the arduous task to retell the intrepid adventures of the troupe known simply as Team BAJA. Their adventure still continues, but various visitors have perused through the archives. They have only seen the surface to a realm where ancient magic runs wild. To that end, I presented an even greater task to my scribes, a task to unearth and recount the history and tales of Soladis. Years of stories, exploits, great heroes, and villainy remain untold.

Until our scribe returns with more tales of Team BAJA, we at the Purple Order shall recount and tell those lost and forgotten tales. Join us in our endeavor, pull up a chair, sip a drink or two, and mayhap even a smoke pipe. Join us in our Anthology from the Land of Magic!”

Anthology from the Land of Magic intro