So previously, about maybe a week or so ago. I had the notion of doing something fun for the Easter holiday. Sadly, my personal life has become bombarded with the day job and my novel revisions. But I was determined to come up with something even if I had to lose sleep and potentially sanity (which is already low to begin with). I stared at the computer and several sheets of paper for maybe two days before the idea hit me.

Like an avalanche of carrots, the idea was both brilliant and absolutely PURE evil. No seriously, the mental image I had in my head originally was something along the lines of this:

Wererabbit! Image by lucagennai

Scary yes? Well then the idea progressed and lead to two idea trees. My mind and body had only enough time this week for one of them so I had to prioritize.

So behold!

The wererabbit!

wererabbit statblock partial

So here’s part of the statblock. Overall it’s just a tad bit less in hit points relative to the Weretiger in the Monster Manual. But I added some pep to this monster and it might hold its own as a true Challenge Rating 4 creature. I have added the Wererabbit to the Dungeon Masters Guild (product page here) as a Pay As You Want option. I want everyone to have fun using this monster not just during the Easter holiday season but year round as a creature of absolute innocent terror.

Click on the image below to download from DMSGuild:

Wererabbit Cover

Thank you for reading you guys! I hope you guys take the time to download and check it out, if you feel that this product deserves any compensation after you have downloaded, you can always repurchase it with a monetary value if you so desire. Please leave comments in both the product page and here as well. Let me know what you think!

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