Leila and Zeke find themselves within an elegant bordello, confronting its proprietor, a half-orc woman known simply as Drakka. Neither Leila or the half-orc were willing to divulge information between each other, a venerable stalemate. An unknown mage tried to calm the distraught Leila through arcane means but the pair managed to fend off against the enchantment. Suddenly armed guards barraged into the bordello causing a panic with the patrons and workers. A familiar pair of inquisitors found their way up to the upstairs office, what sort of predicament are Leila and Zeke in for this time?   

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The residual chaos as the patrons and bordello workers vacated the structure finally dwindled. Zeke and Leila, along with Drakka eyed the newcomers with disdain and contempt. The two inquisitors stood confidently at the office’s threshold, Veras seemed triumphant while his partner remained still and motionless, his face remained hidden under the imposing helm.

Veras grinned and paraded his way into the office. “Excellent, all parties are present. Let the trial commence.”

“What are these garkeshsa doing here?” Drakka slurred in orc, she became enraged and stood up from her chair.

Leila turned to her companion, but Zeke remain transfixed with the blonde haired inquisitor. His blade arm still rested on his scabbard, still calm by the time Veras made about halfway through the office.

“What’s the charge?” Leila inquired once she realized Zeke was already on guard.

“Obstruction of justice, grand larceny, racketeering, desecration of public property, fleeing the scene, illegal use of arcanum. The list goes on.” Veras retorted with a smug.

“Illegal use of arcanum?” Leila sneered.

Veras pranced along the office interior, surveying the various trinkets and items placed, acting nonchalant. “Why yes, Lady Drakka over behind you has been busy as of late, we had been waiting quietly for the charges to fester and mount. But the illegal arcanist under her employ had eluded us for quite some time. Luckily you forced his hand with your presence, sadly the mage was more of an amateur than anything else. Wasn’t even a challenge.”

The would-be mage appeared restrained with two guardsmen on each of his arms. The hood was removed to reveal the same young half-elf that greeted the Zeke and Leila in the foyer. Leila looked calm, as if she knew. Drakka looked displeased and stiff, Zeke remained in place with his eye trained on Veras.

“Sorry, Leila,” the half-elf managed to grin given the circumstances.

Leila remained silent, her expression unchanged.

Veras retrieved a tome from a nearby bookshelf and continued to be casual with them. “Please take the blasphemer away.”

The guardsmen lifted the half-elf and departed down the stairs to a fate many did not wish to envision. A long silence lingered within the office, Drakka sat herself down and slumped on the chair.

Drakka gripped the arm rests on the chair, contempt etched on her orcish brow. “So what will it take this time, garkehsa?”

Veras turned the pages, ignoring Drakka. He strode before Leila with his blood-red eyes while he closed the book with a grin. “I finally caught you Leila, just come quietly and it won’t get nasty.”

“You’ve caught nothing, Veras.” She spatted.

“I caught you as an accessory, Drakka isn’t getting away this time either,” he peaked over Leila’s shoulder and gave a boyish grin.

The half-orc bellowed and rose from her chair, with ease she raised a large battleaxe to her side. Where she had such a weapon hidden was irrelevant, she was poised to fight for her freedom.

Zeke already drew his blade and had it pointed at Veras. “Unfortunately, she’s my current employer and I would like to be paid eventually. You would be an obstruction to my finances.”

Veras eyed the bladetip, it was just out of reach from his face but close enough to strike his body. He simply smiled as thunderous footsteps charged toward Zeke like a crazed mother-beast to its young. The armored inquisitor lunged at Zeke who turned just enough to avoid the brute as he collided with the desk’s edge. Drakka swing her axe at the Inquisitor but it only nicked a part of the shoulder plate instead. Leila drew and slashed with her blade in a single motion, Veras managed to deflect the blow as golden light formed over his armor.

“Out! Now!” Leila cried as she quickly pulled away and dashed forward toward the large window behind the desk and chair. Zeke followed to the signal of broken glass while Veras regain his bearings. His armored partner was grounded by the flailing assaults from the half-orc woman. The blonde inquisitor hurried to the edge of the window to find the pair running down a nearby alleyway.

Veras shouted orders to the guards down below to give chase, three ran after Leila and Zeke with their weapons drawn.

“I’m beginning to sense a pattern!” Zeke shouted ahead to Leila.

“Just keep up!” She replied while on point. They dashed through full market stalls in the busy city streets.

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