Zeke reunited with Leila and Azmal, the trio assess their choices ahead, all unsure. Zeke learns of the growing interest on the Eye of Ashara, strings being pulled from the shadows. A figure that the young warrior hoped was not involved, but could not rule out its possibility. Leila suggests the unthinkable, that they turn themselves over to the Inquisitors, believing the group would be safer under their custody as opposed to being hunted by the Nest of Shadows. What will the group do? Find out! 

Part 11/Past Anthology Episodes

The Eye of Ashara rested on the wooden table, history had seen it adorned on the necks of countless rulers and prophets. A large ruby jewel rested on a large golden disk-shaped like sun rays, tiny runes from a forgotten language wrap around the jewel. When held against the light, the jewel sparkles and glistens, emanating a soft red glow. The stories about the amulet have changed and be distorted through time, but the fact that it once held ancient magic within the jewel could never be discounted. The current reigning royal family of Igstanpur distrusted magic and through their dynasty, have set restrictions on the practice of arcane magic. The Eye was a reminder of that forgotten heritage, the Inquisitors became the new enforcers and custodians with the sacred task of keeping arcane magic contained. The centuries passed, history became legend and legend into myth.

The room was dimly lit, the golden glow of the mid-afternoon sun pierced through the narrow slit in the small stoned room. There were two wooden chairs, plain and simple. Two small buckets sat on an opposing corner, one filled with water and another empty. Three small rooms separated by iron bars rested adjacent to the room, heaps of hay littered the stoned floor. Leila sat quietly on the wooden chair, her hands and feet were bound in iron shackles, absent-mindedly staring through the narrow slit that provided light here. The tiefling, Azmal, sat against the wall of his cell with his head between his legs.  He remained silent since their arrival to the Central Didact, the both of them were disarmed of their weapons and gear, though they still wore their pieces of leather and clothing.

The sound of the lock to the large, metal-bolted door sprung the two to attention. A blonde young man dressed in chain mail pass through the room’s threshold. Accompanying him, a silent but towering behemoth of a man in plate mail kept pace and close proximity. The tall, armored one was large enough that he needed to lower his head before entering the cell room. The blonde, Veras, glared at Leila with his crimson eyes as he took his seat on the other empty chair across from her.

“Hello, Veras,” Leila calmly greeted while she twirled her red hair playfully.

“What’s your game, Leila?” Veras spoke sharply.

“What game? I can’t repent myself and in  good conscience return the Eye of Ashara.”

Veras slammed his fist on the wooden table, the tiefling whimpered shortly after. There was a moment of silence, Leila remained composed and calm.

“You say you repent?” Veras grinned, his demeanor changed. Leila had him on the ropes.

“Yes, repent.” She confirmed.

“I would rather eat from a Dragonborn’s arse than believe your recent change in obedience and repentance,” he spat.

“I won’t judge you for your odd eating habits, Veras,” she mocked.

“Mock me all you want, just answer the question. Why did you return the Eye of Ashara, that you stole?” Veras walked out of his chair and paced behind Leila.

“It’s a bloody jewel that was worth a hefty sum of gold, my original fence changed their mind. Figured I would do the right thing and return it. I had such a wonderful greeting from your fellow inquisitors.” She remarked.

“A likely story,” Veras remarked. He gazed over his counterpart, a soft golden glow emitted from his holy symbol, and the air changed in the room.

“So tell me again, why did you return the Eye of Ashara?” Veras asked again.

Runes on the manacles glowed and Leila began to feel a searing pain in her arms and legs, as if they were burning in some inferno. Leila kept silent but the pain kept gnawing at her while Veras circled the table.

“I bet you feel that, I’ll stop it if you answer me. The truth will come out, one way or another.” He remarked.

Leila nodded, her breaths were short and sharp. The manacles stopped glowing, it took her a few moments to catch her breath. She glared at Veras, almost wanting to strangle him but refrained from it.

“There is another party interested inthe Eye of Ashara, they are connected with the Nest of Shadow. We decided that it would be safer for us to return to Eye back to you instead of keeping such a valuable object. ” She stated. The words flowed from her easily, the young woman could feel the subtle traces of the compulsion to tell the truth.

Veras look back at his partner worried. He leaned in behind Leila’s shoulder, “that’s rather ominous. Does the Nest know you return it back here?”

“I don’t know.” She calmly replied.

Veras calmly whispered a few words, his eyes glowed a bright golden light as he reached over the Eye of Ashara. There a few moments no relative silence before the young blonde man looked over his partner and sighed with discontent.

“I need to talk with my superiors,” he stated as he retrieved the Eye and held it in his gauntlet. “I will return later, there are more questions but this is a more pressing matter.”

The two exited the room, Leila closed her eyes and calmly entered into the quiet space in her mind.

“Do you still think this was a good idea?” Azmal asked in a low-tone.

Leila bit her lip and looked out to the narrow slit in the wall again.

“I hope so.”

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