Blackfire and Zeke fought a ferocious battle in an abandoned plaza from wandering eyes. Underneath Zeke’s eyepatch revealed to be an inhuman eye that bestowed great power. The two warriors continued their confrontation before Blackfire decided to ignite the entire plaza in black thunderous flames. We wait to see the aftermath…

Episode 16/Other Anthology Episodes

The plaza had erupted into a fiery conflagration, it was thunderous and could be heard for nearly a mile away. People would come soon, but they would find nothing but broken splinter and ashes. Bits of black flames remained lit on the remnants of stalls and wagons. The faces of several buildings were covered in black ash and soot, there was a gray haze they hung over the square, at its centered stood a man covered in draped in a dark cloak with black leather armor underneath. Two curved blades drawn and held at his side, his face was obscured by a metallic mask and hood but his eyes remained vigilant for a sign. A sign of his foe’s demise. Calling the power of the flames was a desperate ploy he had not used in years, the fact he did was a testament to the ferocity of his foe.

From the smoke, a shadow stood out, the assassin waited until it took a more distinct shape. A humanoid shape. To his surprise, Zeke remained unharmed though bits of his clothing were cinged from the raging flames. The young warrior’s metallic arm remained outstretched facing Blackfire, the torn and burnt bits of cloak revealed more of the strange metal.

“That must be a mage weapon,” Blackfire concluded. “I’ve heard stories, never seen one before, they are supposedly very rare.”

Zeke eyed the assassin while lowering his metallic arm, city guards and Inquisitors were bound to come to the plaza soon. This was all a ploy, he thought, the assassin was far more cunning than he believed.

“I should not have underestimated you,” Zeke stated.

“Most do, you think like a hunter. A very good hunter, I can tell you already thought several moves ahead. I should also apologize, for I underestimated you as well.” The assassin gave a light nod towards Zeke. “But the game ends, I will have my prey.”

Within a flicker, the assassin turned into a column of black flames and ejected outward towards a nearby pyre and disappeared.

“Gods be damn,” Zeke spat. The young warrior wrapped a loose piece of cloak over his eye and bundled the remainder over his form while he dashed out of the square. He was running out of time, the assassin waited for him to create a large commotion to draw out the Inquisitors and guardsmen. Meaning the Eye of Ashara was vulnerable, as well as Leila and Azmal. The young warrior used his metallic arm and with little effort scaled the wall of a nearby building. From his vantage, the Central Didact building was easily identifiable with its domed towers and high walls.

Hold on you two, he thought to himself.


Leila and Azmal sat in their prison cells, most of the day was spent in silence. Occasionally, the tiefling would whisper a tune or lament over his life choices. Leila occasionally cast an eye over the table in the center of the larger room and the iron door not far from it. Veras had not returned for nearly a day to question them, which made her wonder what could the Inquisitor be planning now. The thought would have to wait when the sound of thunder reached even their cells. It was distinct and unique, even with the distance the aftershock could be felt.

“Zeke,” she muttered. Leila was worried, this was not part of the plan.

She leaned onto her bars, whispering to Azmal’s cell. “I think that’s our cue, time to do your trick.”

The iron bars to Azmal’s cell swung wide open with no hesitation, the tiefling dashed out surveying his surroundings before whispering arcane words of power. The bolt on the iron bars lifted and shifted to its open position, which allowed for it to swing freely. Leila exited from her cell and stealthed toward the main door. There was significant amounts of footsteps and movement, the Inquisitors were most likely trying to organize and mobilize.

“Anything?” The tiefling inquired.

“Too much noise, not doubt they are responding to whatever happened out there. We need to make our move now too.” Leila responded.

Azmal nodded and began whispering words of power on the main door, but the lock did not budge once.

“It’s warded against magic, no surprise.” Azmal stated.

Leila procured a dagger out of her clothing and handed it to her partner. The tiefling eyed her for a moment, wondering where she hid the weapon but decided to wise to not invoke her wrath. Using the dagger to help wedge into the key slot, there was the familiar sound of the lock moving. The door creaked open and the two carefully made their way to a nearby exit. Every so often they would have to double back to avoid passing guardsmen, but they had a familiar layout of the building when they first came in there to steal the Eye of Ashara. But first they needed to reacquire their equipment before their final departure.

The armory was left unattended which worked to their favor, the two quickly got themselves armored and armed to handle whatever came their way. Once ready, they left and headed for a possible exit only to hear the sound of screams from a nearby corridor. A guardsmen came rushing out set ablaze in black flames, the unfortunate sod fell to the floor as the flames claimed him.

Leila and Azmal stood frozen in terror as the shape of a familiar figure draped in a dark cloak with a pair of curved blades entered into view.

“Found you,” Blackfire teased with a grin.

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