Aydan and Jimmy Moon traverse through a gloomy and shadowy landscape full of decay and death. After being chased by a large skeletal dragon, the duo meet up with an odd group of wanderers. A tiefling monk named Quest the Blue, a gold dragonborn named Proax, and a half-drow named Kelmaris. Their new friends were apparently ghostly spirits who died of tragic events in their life, their better nature sought to help Aydan and Jimmy return back to where they belonged. Along their journey, the group followed a voice that lingered in the back of their heads, urging them to come and find it. It lead the group through a valley where shadows from Team BAJA’s past resurface in a desperate attempt for vengeance. Luckily the group managed to send the shades into retreat before the chains on the large metal doors open, with the voice in their heads beckoning them to enter. 

Episode 1/Team BAJA Episode Guide

The tall metal doors had swung open, its chains laid on the alabaster valley floor broken. A  voice that sent chills down their very core uttered a single word: enter. The party had endure some sustained injuries since their encounter with the shades along with their horrifying experience in the mists. Taking the time to catch a small breath before venturing further into the unknown, with lantern in hand the group pressed onward. While the realm itself was rather bleak and monotone in color, there was enough light to pierce the shadows and offer a solace of a floor ahead. The lantern revealed hieroglyphs along the tall columns and walls of what looked like the main entry hall.

After a moment or two, the party noticed that the pictographs had a level of chronological order to them. A forest with a tall tree at its center, a fruit grew from the tree and was later eaten by a king, the king created a kingdom faraway from the forest, and the kingdom prospered. In the next series, war came to the kingdom, the king appointed seven knights with seven black swords, the kingdom fell, the king was dead. A cloaked and hooded figure took the king’s corpse and grew the fruit from the king’s ashes, the figure had a black book stolen from a cave, the hooded figure at the fruit and became a new king, the seven knights returned to wage war, one of these knights slew the newfound king severing an eye and an arm.

The language on the images were in a language none could decipher, though the images tell of a familiar tale the name and its meaning were just beyond their reach. The group decided to explore the adjacent rooms, one with several shelves of tomes, and a few more that seemed largely abandoned. Aydan’s curiosity had her scan the book bindings of the various tomes within the one room, until a title seemed to peak her interests; however, an arcane glowed the moment she opened the book. A large explosion erupted from the supposed library, alerting the rest of the party of their predicament. Some of the books flew from the shelves and began whaling on the group, realizing that they were magically enchanted, Aydan blasted a few of them with a bolt of lightning which caused a small fire within the library. Thankfully there were enough rags to aid in snuffing out the small fires from the piles of books, but unfortunately most of them were lost in the explosion and subsequent fire.

The voice beckoned the party deeper, a set of stairs descended further below but not before realizing that the steps were booby-trapped with magic. The group dived past the stairs, hoping to not touch the obsidian tile steps, landing on stale abandoned hallways that were roughly 10-feet wide. The stone work foretold of crude measures implemented in its construction, suggesting a dire need in a limited period of time. The path split to the left and right, with a doorway at either end and what seemed to another hallway leading away from these doors.

The party opted to explore a room together, along the hallways there were more hieroglyphs but mostly parts of the same series from the previous hallway. A room full of ancient and abandoned suits of armor stood along one of the rooms, a golden plaque could be seen from the other end of the room. Cautiously the group advanced deeper into the room, the plaque was written in Elvish which prompted Jimmy Moon and Kelmaris to investigate it. Upon reciting the plaque’s words, the door shut completely and the armors began to assault the group. After defeating their foes, the group had suffered serious injuries and knew they needed to rest soon. The voice in the back of their head continued to beckon them, but luckily the party had the will to ignore the voice long enough to get a few hours of rest. One of their shifts, Quest the Blue noticed when he peeked outside of the room and noticed that deformed angelic statues seemed oddly placed within the halls. The next thing he noticed were the fact they seemed to had been closer to the doorway than the last time he checked.

Once the party had finished their rest, armed and battle ready, they opened the door to find their path blocked by scores of deformed angelic figures. The party had to address their current predicament soon with the voice growing louder with each call to them.

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