Author’s Note: During the course of the Team BAJA D&D campaign, the party had recently unearthed an ancient piece of scripture; specifically a tale of lament and impending doom (of course). The players had already experienced one prophecy in the past, but now they deal with a story and tale that become a theme throughout Season 2 of their adventures (but don’t tell them that!) We have an added treat of myself telling the tale in audio format. Please check it out, download it, listen it (preferably), and let me know what you think.

Take a listen to the Tale of the Fallen King here.

Tale of the Fallen King

A beloved king hailed through the kingdom
for Justice, for Mercy, and Wisdom.
A destiny of black and red, none did fathom,
twisted by words the light fell victim.  

Their Righteous knew only right, 
fear festered within their brest. 
White became black over night, 
warped and distorted became their crest. 

Fell deeds and dreams they commit, 
a murder of crows made nest. 
Blacker their souls submit, 
to the crown now possessed. 

Their blades grew darker than black, 
their beloved king now rabid, 
their kingdom scorched and hijacked, 
their doom all awaited. 

Seven knights once of virtue, 
bent by vengeance and sins galore, 
convictions once firm bid adieu
now empty became their armor.

The Land, plagued by decay, 
spread through the chorus of forests,
demons prowled abandoned ways; 
hosted by despair their hopes were forfeit. 

Blades and souls bathed in blood, 
driven by furious, thunderous hate; 
dreams washed by flood 
of pain none could unmake. 

Hail, hail to the Fallen King!
Glory to his Forgotten Name! 
Hail, hail to the Fallen King! 
Darkness be his claim! 

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