Sometime back in June of 2016, I was introduced to a wonderful product for Dungeon Masters by the guys at Limitless Adventures with their minimalistic encounter designs that proved to be fluid, quick, and insertable in campaign. Not only that, their Further AdventureTM feature gives the DM the ability to enhance the encounter with plot/adventure hooks to give depth and ideas to the experience. You can read more about my review of their products here.

Today, I want to talk about something else regarding Limitless Adventures.

Limitless Adventures goes live on Kickstarter on November 14th! (Click here)

Limitless Adventures and Ka-Blam

Limitless Adventures has largely been a digital product, but since customers can download the content as PDFs, DMs can simply just print them at home for ease of access. But there something aesthetically pleasing about having a booklet or book in your hands even though there always access to the digital content. Now they wish to take their high quality products and offer them up for print.

Their 1st Kickstarter

Their first kickstarter, Limitless Adventures vol. 1, is a collection their first 15 Limitless Encounter products.

The roughly 200-page soft cover book will contain:

  • 150 fully detailed encounters set in 12 different environments
  • OGL stat blocks for all monsters
  • Creative, CR appropriate treasure
  • 451 Further Adventure™ writing prompts

The collection can be printed in black & white (BW) format in both PDF and softcover, there is also a deluxe full-color PDF and softcover format as well. All printing and order fulfillment is handled with Ka-Blam, an American digital printing house with over a decade of experience and multiple Kickstarter campaigns under their belt. Shipping is available to any country in the world.

Why should you help out this Kickstarter? 

Besides the fact that you’re helping some awesome people get the ground off an exciting project to bring their products into the physical realms, there are other things to consider:

  • Each Limitless Encounter costs $1.99 USD, there are 15 of such products will run you roughly $30. At that price, you could get a full-color softcover printing.
  • Even if you went the digital PDF route, a full color PDF is set at the $20 pledge. That’s $10 less out of pocket.
  • The product helps reduce DM prep for random encounters, something many DMs need from such a product.
  • The Further Adventure™ prompts provide inspiration for these encounters to be expanded into their own story arcs.
  • The products also provide new Open Game License (OGL) monsters, even magic items too.
  • One of the trickier aspects of encounter crafting is always the treasure reward, Limitless Encounters does it for the DM already.

Still unsure?

Log into and sign up for free. Once signed up, you get access to account-only freebies. Take a look at those freebies and see for yourself if you think the quality and the product itself brings value to your DM prep time.

Did I forget to mention they also have One-shot adventures? Why yes they do.

Link to Limitless Adventure’s kickstarter page here.

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