After entering into the Vault, the group consisting of Brightiron, Rainer, Arcaelus, Gilda, Nuria, and Doctor Roqet found themselves in dire straits when the group realized the mixtures of rooms, alleyways, and corridors to become from various places and dimensions. Worse, the Vault had a tendency to shift and rearrange their configurations which made the attempt to find the treasures buried deep within all the more challenging. The group was assaulted by countless enemies and denizens who either were trying to defending their territories or were just as confused as the party. When all seemed hopeless, the group managed to find a secret passage that revolved around a riddle they discovered early on in their adventure. Now in the dark, the party must decide where to go next and hope that it might lead them closer to whatever controls the Vault. 

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The room was dark, the sound of Brightiron and Roqet’s large footsteps echoed in the hard to see room. Nuria and Gilda had no issue seeing in the dark, but the fire genasi decided to illuminate the room with a ball of light. Another room with a mix of marble and stone, the dwarf, Gilda tried to assess the stonework and came the conclusion that the particular room was several hundreds years old and that it definitely came from the Material Plane, as to where, she was uncertain. There were two corridors that seemed to exit from the room, the group decided to try again and rest, Arcaelus summoned again another extradimensional hut while the rest of the group tried to ready themselves. It was not the best rest but enough to allow them to regain their strength and stamina for whatever lied beyond those dark halls.

The group explored one of the halls together once they finished their rest. Eventually they found a large hall with tall ceilings and crystals protruding from its walls. The decor was enough to tell the group that this room was from somewhere else in the multiverse. The hall was full of tables, bookshelves, and several fireplaces. Arcaelus inspected one of the shelves, carefully reading the books for any useful information either on the Vault, the gems, or anything other arcane lore.

Once the wizard looked back up, he realized that he was in a different room and none of his friends were anywhere in site. The room was adorned with several bookshelves and paintings, along with two empty chests, and a table. Unsure with how to approach the situation, Arcaelus tried to discern if the room was magical or an illusion. His sight told him that the room was genuine but that were soft glows emanating from a few of the chests and books. As he tried to approach the chests, the wizard quickly realized they were not really chests but shapeshifters trying to maul his face. A few bolts of fire quickly ended the creatures but the residual smoke and fire removed some of the air in the room. Arcaelus calmly searched the room, avoiding to breath in excess until he finally found another gold coin inside one of the books. It was similar one of the unique coins he found from Greenest way back, the markings were different by their feel was uncanny and eerily recognizable.

While inspecting the shiny coin, the wizard found himself back in the hall with his allies. No one was even aware that he was gone, Rainer had went to explore another room nearby with Roqet while Brightiron and the rest remained together. Arcaelus was bewildered that he found the coin in his hand still, pocketing it along the one he around found. He heard the sound of a soft whisper as the coins touched, a chill ran down his back as if a cold hand stroked him.

Rainer and Roqet returned and found several corridors that eventually branch out. The group walked carefully, unsure if there were any traps set by wayward denizens or by the Vault itself. Eventually they reached an intersection that split between all four cardinal directions. One of them lead to a larger and wider corridor but part of the floor was missing. Peaking downwards, the party saw the endless expanse of space and stars, comets made of large chunks of rock or rooms zipped through, there were volumes and depths to the Vault. Endless arrangements of room, corridors, and whatever else kept moving and shifting almost infinitely. Roqet suggested that their handy little construct, Artifice, try to use an algorithm to determine their location and possibly the energy signature to the treasure that might get them home. The portable construct began running its diagnostic before a large, black tentacle appeared through the opening and pulled Artifice through it. Daring not to enter the uncertain void, the group had lost their only entity that might have had an idea where the treasure was located.

This lost expedition continued, the group eventually took a few other corridors and found themselves in a large and open room with a large statue in its center. Again the room had exits along each cardinal direction that lead to more rooms beyond. Once the last of the group traversed through the threshold, a barrier erupted from the ground and sealed the room. Infernal words began to pour from the statue, foul red runes became lit and the sound of snarls and growls started to come down from the other corridors. The team was trapped with no means of escape and something was approaching.

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