Greetings everyone! 

We are gearing up for some new things coming in the month of March. 

Return of the Anthology from the Land of Magic! 

A new series brought to you, we embark on a mystical tale involving a legendary figure with the lore of Soladis, a Land of Magic. This figure has been referenced a few times, the first time involving a monastery back when Team BAJA had to stop the Cult of the Dragon in Greenest, and when Aydan & Jimmy Moon met with Quest the Blue, a devoted monk following the teachings of this legendary figure. 

That’s right, it’s a legend about Beren, the Yellow! 

The name and tale of this new Anthology from the Land of Magic is titled: the Chromatic Lords

Synopsis: The world of gods and monsters were over, the First Age had finally come to an end. A new age was born, mighty heroes gather from the desolate lands of Zon, to the lush mountains within Alramos. Atop one of the many floating mountains that make up the region of Helios, five Lords convene once every fifty years to find a warrior worthy of wielding the coveted Golden Mantle of Courage. These lords shall oversee the warriors and test them in body and spirit. A legend is about to be born. 

Look forward to our first post on Wednesday March 1st, 2017. 

We also have other plans in the works but shall reveal more about those projects once things start getting closer to being finished. Thanks again and we’ll see you soon!