The digital domain continues to expand as more and new roleplaying tools continue to surface from the ether of the Internet. Sometimes we find gems worth their weight in diamonds, other times we find inefficient apps or software that is either too cumbersome to use or has an unintuitive learning curve. We previous featured the Pack Mule app on this site for consideration and potential growth down the line (you can read more here). Some time passed and I was approached about another inventory app for Dungeons and Dragons. This one has been placed on Kickstarter and has already been funded by the time of writing this article.

Behold wandering adventurers and wizards of all ages!

You can find the link to the App of Holding Kickstarter page here.
You can check out Tartle Game’s Patreon page here.
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Tartle Games is an indie game and app developer that has made several tools and apps for Dungeons and Dragons. One of their most successful apps is their Tartle RPG Tool, it helps generate various nuances for a D&D game from adventure hooks, random NPC generation, a health tracker for monsters, and random magic item generation. If you have time, you should definitely head over and check out the RPG tool (click here). It’s a living project, meaning that it still gets updates from its creator and therefore still worthwhile as it continues to evolve.

Path of the Kickstarter

The App of Holding is an inventory app that be used by primarily by players in a roleplaying game such as D&D and Pathfinder. The app serves to organize the often cluttered inventory pages of a player’s character sheet.

The mobile app will assist players by the following:

  • Manage gold
  • easy to manage inventory through custom items or store
  • Spending gold for gear and goods
  • keep track of weight within the inventory

The mobile app will be available on iOS and Android upon release. There are three primary screens that the app will consist of: the Coin Purse, the Store, and the Bag. The coin purse will allow the user to update their gold reserves by adding or subtracting by a click of a button. The store screen is used to make purchases with general goods and even magic items inputted to the store using the gold in your coin purse. The Bag screen is primarily the items actually in the player’s inventory presented in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement that allows for full descriptions and management.

The Kickstarter rewards are broken into 4 reward types, with Bag +1 being $2 USD to get full app access (along with exclusives only for Kickstarter backers and/or Patreon patrons). Further reward tiers grant access to the Tartle RPG Tool, along with the Vulcan Sacrifice game. Additionally the Bag +3 and Bag +4 rewards grant the backer a name in the lore and also the ability to design a magic item for the store. I highly recommend the Bag +2 reward option as it not only gives the App of Holding but also the RPG tool as well, both are already going to be $2 USD anyways so basically one of the apps is definitely on a discount.

There is a Stretch Goal for the App of Holding should they break the $1000 USD threshold. The app will be given an Alchemy Lab as an update after the initial project’s release, the feature will help brewing potions and poisons for the users. You might some interesting and most definitely random results, tons of excitement and entertainment to say the least!

Why should you back this Kickstarter?

Besides helping out an awesome indie app developer create more awesome content for the community, consider this other benefits:

  • While the app is $2 USD after the Kickstarter finishes, there are two exclusive features in the app for Kickstarter backers and Patreon patrons: 1) adding custom items & gear into your inventory, 2) all the cool magic items (made by patrons) in the store.
  • The custom item & gear creation for the inventory is a powerful feature to possess, especially if you have a Dungeon Master who likes to pass out custom items or make them up on the fly. Otherwise, post-Kickstarter, you will only be granted access to this feature by becoming a Patreon patron. This feature is reportedly going to be granted via a code distributed by Tartle Games but still tied to your Apple and Google Play accounts. It will NOT be an In-App purchase in the future.
  • Stretch goal for Alchemy Lab! It’s a seriously fun mechanic to toss in, and having potion effects mix together is just plain fun times.
  • This is a definitely needed player tool, as games and campaigns get longer and the loot begins to grow larger, it becomes necessary to find a means to organize and list all the items in that inventory bag. While some tools definitely allow for the users to input their character’s stats along with their inventory, it often becomes cumbersome and takes too long to implement everything.
  • The app’s aesthetics are very pleasing, easy on the eyes, and playful. Take a look at the .gifs and video for the app, the drawings and labels are wonderful.

App Level +1

Check out Tartle Games’ website and if you want to try out the RPG Tool before deciding on backing this Kickstarter, I would encourage it. The tools are smooth, user friendly, and intuitive in regards to function. Check out Tartle Games’ other products besides their RPG Tool, as many of them are free to download. The best part about this Kickstarter? It has reached its funding goal, so it will be made and it will happen, the only matter left is when you back this project. Come and join in the hilarity and fun!

You can find the link to the App of Holding Kickstarter page here.
You can check out Tartle Game’s Patreon page here.
Don’t forget to follow Tartle Games on Twitter @Tartle_Games for updates.

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