After a while of playing Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other roleplaying game that requires dice; there comes a point where dice storage becomes a concern or point of consideration. For many, dice collections are a point of pride; there are some who personally enjoy their one or two dice sets immensely, while some enjoy owning the myriad colors and varieties. For example, many of the players from Team BAJA have only one or two sets of dice to work with their pool. I personally own at least six complete sets with plenty of d6 and d10s (from my Exalted and White Wolf games).

A problem and question occurs: How can I store my dice besides a dice bag?

Don’t get me wrong, I love dice bags. I own at least three different bags, all of which are a variety of styles and designs. But a dice box is a great expression of displaying one’s collection and also serves as a great transportation device especially when transporting that one favorite dice set. There are a plethora of companies that produce dice boxes, but I was recently introduced to and they recently launched a Kickstarter for their Hardwood Dice Boxes.

Click on the link to back and support their Kickstarter here.
Check out their website at
Check out their Facebook page and read reviews from customers. and their Hardwood Dice Boxes

First Kickstarter but veteran craftsmanship!

Critit combines carpentry and RPG gaming to make the best accessories to go along your campaign settings. Based in Norfolk, UK and run by a guy named Dominic; many of the items sold on their website are handmade with stunning quality. Their selection of RPG accessories extends from dice boxes, pencil dice boxes, wooden DM screens, wooden dice towers, and even a wooden initiative tracker. So besides the dice boxes featured in the Kickstarter, there are other goods and products available to preview and purchase.

Why should you back this Kickstarter?

Not only will you help an artisan with crafting a new product line to be distributed to their customers, but you’ll also help with future ventures as well. Others things to consider:

  • The Kickstarter is already funded! The Kickstarter has already met their funding goal, so the project is going to happen one way or the other. They are currently aiming to fulfill stretch goals and at the time of this article, three stretch goals have already been met.
  • Each pledge tier grants access to a dice box with four selections of woods. The basic dice box tier is set at £35 (roughly $43 USD), which grants a selection of Ash, Beech, Ceder, and Sapele for wood. Other tiers grant higher quality of wood, with the Platinum Tier (£90, almost $112 USD) offering 3 dice boxes from each tier level.
  • For each dice box pledged, you can select from 21 colors for your Felt backdrop.
  • The dice boxes measure 23 cm in length, 7 cm wide, and 5 cm thick (or 9 inch in length, 2.76 inch wide, and 2 inch thick). The dice chambers have a diameter of 2.5 cm (rough 1 inch) with a nice felt backdrop. In other words, these are discreet and sized in a convenient and compact manner.
  • While dice bags are great for storing and transfer large quantities of dice, for those very special dice sets (like metal dice sets or the pretty ones you painstakingly took to find), the dice boxes provide a wonderful home and means of transportation between sessions.
  • Support your friend in the UK! While there is a shipping cost (charged after the campaign via PayPal), for our readers out in the UK or Europe, this is a great away to help and support someone making products near you. For our readers in the US and elseswhere, you’re still helping a fellow gamer with their business but also you get a wonderfully handmade piece of art and craftsmanship.
  • There are limited slots! There are 25 pledge spots (with only 20 spots for the Platinum Tier) per tier, meaning that the prices and availability will soon dissipate. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. The limited slots may seem unfair, but it insures timely development and lowers the traditional risk of a Kickstarter being too successful and creating too many back orders and delays.

Still not sure?

Check out their website at and their selection of available wooden dice boxes, trays, and towers. There are other accessories worth taking note, especially their wooden DM screen and dice tower. As a person who was gifted a wooden Dungeon Master’s screen, it’s heavenly. Experience one for yourself, it’s another level of awesome. If you’re still concerned about the overall quality, they have videos showing some of their fabrication on their Facebook page.

Again, click on the link to back and support their Kickstarter here.

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