Greetings everyone!

The DeathByMage blog has grown considerably since I first started, most impressively, we are about to reach 1500 followers on Twitter. It’s my largest community, and I love all the beautiful people on it. I had done a previous giveaway when we reached 1K Twitter followers. This time, I’m upping the ante so to speak.


Death By Mage’s Extravagantly Wondrous 1500 Follower Giveaway!
Okay, maybe that’s too long….

Death By Mage’s D&D #DeathByGiveaway!
Much better…

Last time we gave away a copy of Volo’s Guide to Monsters, so we’re going to giveaway another supplement book.

Our grand prize for this giveaway is going to be a copy of Tales from the Yawning Portal!

BUT wait! There’s more! 

I really want to make this a really special giveaway so I’m going to juice it up some more. For every 100 retweets from the original Tweet, we’re going to give out a dice set!

So here are your ways to enter & win:

  • Click on the link below & sign in
  • Visit the blog (daily entry)
  • Follow me on Twitter @deathbymage
  • Visit our Facebook page
  • Visit our Instagram
  • Tweet using #DeathByGiveaway (daily entry)
  • Retweet the original Tweet (Every 100 RT we will do a drawing for dice)
  • Answer: Which adventure are you excited to play in Tales from the Yawning Portal?

Click on the link to enter! Giveaway ends Sept 6th, 2017!