Hey, subscribers, readers, and wanderers!

It’s been a little quiet in on the blog, hasn’t it? Well, unfortunately, I had family visiting me at the very beginning of August had spent my time with them which meant less time editing posts. The time was great I got to spend time with my teenage cousin but I also had to work my day job which left me very tired and drained. Plus, I have been focused on working on my novel revisions during this time, which suffices to say, didn’t go as far as I had hoped. The weekend came, I had games with Team BAJA and my second D&D group referred as TOKU Squad. I’ll talk about more them another time. I had gotten most of the posts either half written or just needed to reviewed for editing for the week after.

The next week came, I suffered heat exhaustion while at my day job. A bad case of it, where I was bedridden from Tuesday to Wednesday. Between the pain, the headaches, and desperately trying to keep my body cool, it was not a fun ordeal. Seriously, Google the treatment choices. Bright side, it wasn’t actual heat stroke. But I needed plenty of rest, which I did plenty of on Wednesday. I caught up on a few Netflix shows, even got around to watching Steven Universe (great show by the way), and had ice every afternoon as a cooling remedy. It’s Friday, I’m feeling much better though not 100% back. I’m taking it easy to make sure we don’t have any symptoms return.

So I apologize for the lack of communication, if you were on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen updates about my condition or situation. I want to thank everyone who reached out and sent their well-wishes. It meant a lot to me. I have this weekend to finalize the posts for this coming week, so please look forward to them.

Things to look-forward this August:

  • More guides to the Feywild
  • Possible DMsGuild release of Artificer subclasses
  • Sneak peek at Book of Nine Swords reboot project
  • Upcoming Death By Review of the DungeonRats podcast (check them out at thedungeonrats.com)
  • More fall/winter details to come!

Have a great weekend and play some games!