The final battle of the Chromo Gyamdre, Mei Fong versus Beren. The five Chromatic Lords observe this monumental clash of titans, after a harrowing series of battles and trials, everything has led to this moment. Mei and Beren unleashed a barrage of strikes and blows at each other, using every technique and trick against one another. Beren seemed to possess extensive knowledge of the Crimson Phoenix and their maneuvers, blocking or deflecting Mei Fong’s attacks one after the other. At a point of clarity, Mei Fong unleashed her mantle of divine flames and charged at her comrade turned adversary. Find out the conclusion of their fight. 

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A blinding light, as bright as the sun shined throughout the arena and the large hall. Jade Tiger was forced to cover his eyes, unable to see anything from the burst. The five Chromatic Lords sat silently in their iron thrones, unphased by the event. The tabaxi noticed that even the elf official present for these battles had difficulty with the flash of energy. The overwhelming shift in air pressure nearly propelled the tabaxi back, but he stood his ground, eager to learn the result of their clash. What a sight to behold, such power and skill. 

Meanwhile, behind the blinding light, Mei Fong and Beren were held in melee where their attacks met. The overflowing energy left a blinding light in its wake, while the two could not see the other, their opposing forces were felt. Mei felt the tenacity from Beren’s attack, unrelenting, determined, and firm. Though as the second passed, she felt something else from this powerful attack: sadness. The swordswoman couldn’t fathom the reason for this feeling; she knew of Beren’s past and the burden he shouldered being the heir to the Golden Spear’s techniques. There was more to it, she realized.

For a moment, she heard disembodied echoes, familiar voices even. There was one that was distinctly memorable – her teacher and master.

“I do not have much time, please, inherit my legacy. One day, I hope you find another worthy for you to pass it on, hopefully, another from my clan.” He pleaded. Mei thought he sounded fatigued, but by what?

“I promise. I will honor your memory. I’m sorry that I couldn’t learn from you.” Beren replied.

Mei’s thoughts drifted back to that fateful day again, the carnage and destruction. There were no survivors, but she never recalled seeing another there. The only one she could remember was the stranger who asked her for directions. Was that Beren? Or Shiro, the Black Frost? Beren knew the answers. He was there. Those fleeting thoughts made her stagger, seeing the radiant spear inch closer to her until she was forced to parry the blow. Thunder roared across the hall as the light faded and the two warriors separated. Though Mei flew several feet across the arena before she caught herself.

There was a pain in her left shoulder, and she noticed a gash there. Even from an indirect blow, Beren had managed to land a blow. He’s good, she thought. Beren stood silent, golden spear in hand, waiting for his opponent to rise again. Mei tried to climb up but felt her legs weakened. It was a struggle to stand.

“You’ve fought well. You’ve honored the memory of your master and your clan. Please, you’re already exhausted, it’s over.” Beren observed.

“It’s. Not. Over.” Mei replied with shortened breaths.

Mei stood up for a moment but quickly slumped back to the stone floor. Streams of sweat poured down her brow, and she felt her arms shaking from holding her weight. It wasn’t from the wound, it was from depleted ki. I can’t be beaten like this, she lamented. She screamed at her muscles to move, just another inch, just to land a single blow against him. Before she knew it, she noticed familiar boots not far from her. She looked up and saw Beren’s solemn expression. He knelt down and gently placed his hand on the side of her face and hair.

“Was it like this? That day?” She whispered.

“More blood, but yes. Almost like this.” Beren confirmed.

“Why were you at the monastery?”

“It was still during my pilgrimage, I heard of a great master from the Crimson Phoenix clan and wanted to learn from him. When I arrived, the monastery was in ruins, but I saw the Black Frost there. I fought him off, but he fled.”

Mei Fong’s breathing became short and erratic. “I heard something, about a legacy.”

“Yes, he bestowed upon me his legacy. An entire lifetime of techniques, wisdom, and skills.”


“A particular technique taught to me by my master before I left. It imparts the memory of someone into an object or form of energy. I infused your teacher’s essence into myself, keeping it safe. I’m sorry I kept it from you.”

Mei Fong grabbed onto Beren’s arm near her face, her eyes searching his for the truth. There was no hesitation, just the firmness he displayed in many of his battles. This was the true Beren of the Golden Spear, she thought. She felt relieved to learn the truth at last, even if it left some uncertainty. Her eyelids grew heavy, and darkness slowly caressed her into unconsciousness.

The elven officiator approached to assess her condition and raised his hand into the air, his voice echoed through the halls. “Beren of the Golden Spear is the winner!”

As the words left the elf’s lips, another light emerged at the center of the arena. It wasn’t blinding, more like pure radiance. Beren knew it was the mantle promised at the end of the tournament, the legacy of his former master and the responsibility that would befall him.

The Red King stood from his throne and approached the arena. “Do you, Beren of the Golden Spear, accept the responsibilities and duties that the mantle represents? Do you swear to be a guardian and warrior against the dark?”

“Yes. I swear.” Beren replied firmly.

The golden light took condensed into a small orb, floating in front of the young warrior. He began to concentrate his Ki on the technique taught to him by his master. A soft wave of energy emanated from the orb, Beren felt the memories surge within him. The days long ago in that small secluded monastery, his pilgrimage, and the journey through this tournament. The orb slowly infused itself into his body, a golden aura flowed out from him, the yellow sash he wore glowed just as brightly. He breathed out as he finished, another wave of energy expelled outward past the arena and the .hall.

He glided back to the unconscious Mei Fong and knelt beside her. He repeated the hand gestures and focused again, producing a small fiery orb from his chest. He gently fused it into her heart, a soft orange glow illuminated the hall. Satisfied, Beren stood up again and addressed the five armored warriors.

“I am Beren the Yellow, I shall swear to fight against the dark and carry the mantle with all its responsibilities.”

The five were silent for a few moments before the Red King continued. “Good, Beren the Yellow. Our enemy approaches soon, but we just test your mettle. Prepare yourself.”

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