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With two successful Kickstarters, comes back again with another tool in the Dungeon Master’s arsenal to build encounters quickly and reduce preparation time. Their first kickstarters featured Limitless Encounters followed by NPCs. Now we are introduced to Limitless Monsters, feature 100 unique monsters compatible for the D&D 5th Edition ruleset. I’ve been a long time fan of their work and their contribution to providing tools to help reduce the stress of preparing for a D&D session. While still using the same reliable Limitless quality and what would expect from their products, we are treated to new feature as well.

Kickstarter link: Limitless Monsters Kickstarter page

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Backstory – Long, long ago… consists of a group of long-time friends that started back in 2015 and entered into the broader space of publishing D&D materials for both new and veteran Dungeon Masters. Aimed to reduce the overall preparation time for Dungeon Masters when getting ready for their next upcoming D&D session. Encounters will always take the most significant bulk of the prep time, from balancing monsters to situating said encounters in environments relevant to the narrative. Using their trademarked Further Adventures, each encounter was granted three additional roleplaying hooks to be used by the Dungeon Master if they wished to expand the story of the encounter into a side quest or to tie into a more substantial plot. The feature was a useful prompt to help jive the storytelling and inspire ideas for a Dungeon Master who didn’t have a whole lot of time. It’s a powerful tool for any Dungeon Master, especially when you often need a random encounter.

From there, they launched their second Kickstarter for Limitless NPCs, with over a hundred NPC characters either from their previously published works or new ones. Dungeon Masters often have the difficulty of crafting non-player characters to fulfill a variety of roles, from enemies to allies or quest givers, heck even merchants need some personality from time to time. With an extensive list, categorized by challenge rating and storytelling role, a DM can quickly place an NPC into any situation if need. Each NPC also featured their own Further Adventure hooks, which again, made it very easy to craft a narrative or incorporate these NPCs into your campaign.

Their site continues to produce new encounters and content. New sign-ups have access to several PDFs that are for free. So if you’re interested in their products, sign-up with a free account and judge for yourself. From encounters and even small adventure modules, continues to expand their offerings with their continuing mission of reducing prep time for the Dungeon Master.

Limitless Monsters – Answering a common concern

If you are a Dungeon Master and own a copy of the Monster Manual and even Volo’s Guide to Monsters, you will eventually reach a point where you are running out monsters and adversaries to throw at your players, especially at specific challenge ratings. The need for monsters has been a constant demand from consumers, which has resulted in various 3rd-party publishers to produce several volumes of monster stats. is doing no different, answering to the need of Dungeon Masters.

But, offers something many publishers do not: Adventure Hooks & a new feature, Lore Mechanics.

With the growing need of monsters for different environments, this is a powerful time saver for Dungeon Masters but also a great tool in general. Dungeon Masters need options and choices to challenge their players, especially if they are do not have time in their daily life. Even Dungeon Masters who just want to try something different will gain significantly with the features offered from the Limitless team.

What’s included:

  • 100 Unique Monsters
  • Each monster features three Further Adventures hooks for follow-up quests
  • A new Lore mechanic, where tactical insights are unlocked through knowledge.
  • Monster tactics for each monster, which includes strategies and what sort of monsters complement them
  • A Harvest mechanic for when your party loots these monsters
  • Pre-rolled treasure to reduce prep time
  • A stunning cover by artist David Auden Nash
  • Dozens of illustrations by Bartolomeo Argentino
  • Available in full-color PDF or as a softcover book

The new mechanics seem quite ambitious but something I personally look forward to reading when I receive my copy. Monsters are the bread and butter of Dungeons & Dragons and fulfilling that need while still granting more tools and options for Dungeon Masters is an impressive statement. I’m excited for them with each Kickstarter presented to me. The Harvest mechanic is something that’s definitely interesting to consider, especially if you have a hunter styled character in your party. The Lore mechanic is an interesting one for Wizards, Clerics, Druids, and Rangers, who rely on their knowledge of enemies to make the best tactical decisions. Proving a roster of monsters that may complement or fight alongside the chosen one here is an excellent tool for Dungeon Master hoping to get the most out of their encounter building.

Limitless Ideas – The sky’s the limit (actually it’s not, I lied)

Sign-up for a free account at, several files are free to download right away. You can see their formatting and organizational style before taking the plunge. If you’re a regular reader of this blog and have crowdfunded with them before or missed the opportunity last time, this is a great time to do it.

Here’s their Kickstarter link again: Limitless Monsters Kickstarter page

Check them out on their respective Facebook and Twitter accounts too.

Special thanks to the Limitless team and for crafting such excellent products.

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