Beren the Yellow and his friends are told of the Fallen King’s arrival, transported through magic to an unknown mountain range. Pieces of shattered and broken rock alluded to the dark lord’s presence and whereabouts. The Red King advanced with a small vanguard while others waited to set up an ambush. Thunder rang through the desolate cavern entrance as the Chromatic Lords were pushed out by a tall black armored warrior. The Fallen King has come, and the Chromatic Lords to become the sacramental sheep to the slaughter. Can they prevail? Find out! 

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The towering presence of the black armor of the Fallen King felt like staring at the edge of the abyss, every instinct within Mei Fong told her to flee. Even with the tabaxi’s aid, the Red King’s armor was grotesquely heavy. The warrior found his footing and took several steps forward until everyone could only see the back of his tarnished crimson armor.

“This is your only warning oathbreaker, leave this realm or suffer the consequences.” the Red King valiantly declared.

Without a word, three obsidian blades flew at the Red King, the warrior dodged one of them but was instantly pierced by two of them. One in his leg and the other in his left shoulder, there was a momentary grunt of pain, but the red warrior held his place.

“Show no quarter!” The Azure Knight shouted and released a flurry of lightning arrows at the dark king.

The arrows are instantly deflected as a shroud of whirling black weapons materialized around the Fallen King. There was no pause as the Silver Serpent, and Black Crow simultaneously emerged on either side of the dark warrior’s flank to strike with both blades and chains. Their attacks were stopped short by the aura of blades and were easily deflected. The Emerald Giant with his remaining arm flung a large boulder but was sliced by large shadowy axes and polearms midflight. Before the dust had a chance to settle, Beren leaped into the air and summoned his ki to form the golden spear and flung it, the weapon made an impact, but the attack was dispersed again by that array of dark weapons. Mei Fong and Jade Tiger channeled their ki and sent their attacks through the ground in the hopes of exploiting any possible weakness, the blast seemed to have hit their target, but the Fallen King seemed unphased. Beren noticed immediately a magic circle underneath the dark warrior, another layer of protection.

“Those dark weapons and his own magical wards are potent. We barely made a dent.” Silver Serpent observed.

“Now you see why we had difficulty with just the three of us against him.” Black Crow commented.

The Red King charged toward the black king with his jeweled sword, but it was stopped not by the cloud of blades but from the outstretched arm of the Fallen King.

“You dare use a weapon of Azurith against me, none shall defy their rightful ruler!” The voice of the Fallen King rang across everyone’s mind. The Red King was instantly rebuked by the blade and pushed back several feet unarmed. The jeweled sword became engulfed in shadow and seemed to have joined in the ranks of the countless others that encircled their demonic master.

The dark weapons stopped in their aimless flights and aimed at the group for barely a moment before flying in a barrage of blurred death. They Chromatic Lords along with Beren, Mei Fong, and Jade Tiger took shelter behind the various rocks. Once the onslaught stopped, Beren peaked behind the rubble and saw the Emerald Giant shielding the Red King who had not the chance to rise after his failed assault. The lumbering warrior had dozens of black weapons plunged into his body, with a thick pool of blood pouring from it.

The Red King rose and firmly gripped the massive warrior’s helm, offering a silent bow out of respect. Beren could see a glowing red mantle emerge from the Red King, it was like his own mantle but crackling and violent. He could sense the rage within the leader of the Chromatic Lords, the crimson warrior’s arm began to glow into a hot white color, it was his signature technique. Beren noticed the other lords rising from their holdouts and saw the bright display of their valor and bravery. Without words, Azure and Silver Serpent released the arcane energies they had storied in the runes around the rubble and arcs of lightning and various elemental powers assaulted the dark warrior.

“You shall know defeat foul king of Azurith, hear the roar of your divine punishment!” the Red King shouted.

Beren ran for Mei and Jade Tiger, the two were unharmed and were ready to launch their own counterattack before he stopped them.

“Get out of here, you two won’t make it against him. Get out while you still can,” Beren pleaded.

Mei was shocked by his words, Jade seemed perturbed with Beren as well but softened his demeanor to one of understanding. The tabaxi calmly put his feline claws on the Crimson Phoenix swordswoman’s shoulder and nodded at her. Mei looked back at Beren with anger and defiance but realized the bitter truth, the overwhelmingly painful reality that stood before them. Beren handed them the rune disk given to him by the Lady of Light and channeled his ki into it, the magical script glowed, and Mei Fong and Jade Tiger instantly disappeared. Beren the Yellow smiled and turned towards his charging allies, the golden cloak passed down by his master seemed lighter than before. A spear of crackling divine light at his side, he would become the embodiment of lightning itself against this encroaching darkness.

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