When I initially wrote my articles on the Feywild, I never realized how well received they would become. After some feedback and individuals telling me how much these materials helped them, I decided to create something more concrete. Which brings us to the current incarnation of the “Journey into the Feywild” D&D supplement, now available on the DMsGuild.

You can purchase your copy by clicking on the link here: http://www.dmsguild.com/product/233920/Journey-into-the-Feywild

Just like my articles, this supplement serves as a means to inspire and help DMs and players craft their own interpretation of the Feywild with the assistance of pre-existing lore modeled after materials found in D&D’s history and from the real world. Here’s a breakdown of the contents:

Chapter 1: All the basics on the Feywild, the fey, and their relation to the Material Plane.

Chapter 2: Building your lore and Feywild.

Chapter 3: The various Faerie Courts

  • Spring Court
  • Summer Court
  • Autumn Court
  • Winter Court
  • Iron Court
  • The Courtless
  • The Other Courts (including the Court of Coral & Cloud Court)
  • The Feydark

Chapter 4: Lore on various fey

  • Sources of Inspiration from movies, television shows, books, and other media.
  • Dryads
  • Satyrs
  • Nymphs
  • Spritelings
  • Hags
  • Nixies & Undine
  • Goblinoids

Chapter 5: Some adventure hooks and story ideas

Chapter 6: You can play as a Satyr, a Pixie, or a Sprite. Additionally, a previously Patreon exclusive class option now made available: Fey Ancestry Sorcerous Origin.

I’ve learned a lot of things through this journey of self-publishing, and self-layout my own supplement. I’ll do more similar projects in the future, so keep watching this space.

Update: Journey into the Feywild is current in the Top 20 Most Popular DMs Guild Titles and has been awarded the Silver Bestseller accolade. We have sold over 100 copies! Thank you for all the support!

Update: Journeyman, the cover artist for Journey into the Feywild has prints of the cover available on this online store! BUT if you have previously purchased or purchase Journey into the Feywild, you have access to a special promo code (found in a separate PDF) for 20% OFF the print of the cover art! Please support the artist and all of the other artists credited in the supplement. This is our way of thanking you, the fans for all of your support and for our encroaching soon-to-be Electrum Bestseller status.

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